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Writer and musician
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    Scott Salsman
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You still around, Schneau? I just saw me talking about this guest comic on Facebook all those years ago and wondered how you're doing.
Wow, thanks! I've been checking their Facebook every now and then but hadn't seen that yet.
Just when it couldn't get any more upped it another level! Wow. I'm reading it over here now since Drunk Duck is no more.

nice to have you back
November 20th, 2009
I really didn't want to have to do this, but the lift in the economy is making me very busy. It's a great thing, but all my hobbies are suffering. And I sure won't be able to draw comics while I'm away for the holidays. So I'm gonna need a few weeks to catch up.

The Dismantlers will return in January, 2010, on this nice, new template! Happy holidays to you and yours.
November 19th, 2009
That had to hurt--twice! Would you rather get shot in the foot or stuck with a needle full of God-knows-what in the kneecap?

I'm getting a little bolder with my use of black. Not that I know what I'm doing, but I'm experimenting. :)

I don't know what's going on with this template. It's just the standard "Kermit" template. I asked for help in the forums. If I don't get any soon, I might have to shop for a new template. Please stand by.
Ha, that's great! Can't wait.
Holy crap, that's beautiful! So jealous of your skills.
Hey, good to see ya, and thanks for the recommendation!
October 29th, 2009
Ok, this is bad. Spuyche's cover is blown, and he and Michelle are in real trouble. At least he saved them from being shot immediately! For now... And hey, Big Chinese Mustache Dude finally has a name!
October 28th, 2009
Uh-oh. Things don't look good for our heroes. Spuyche tries to send a message to Helena, but does his plan backfire? Boy, that was fast. That's life in the digital age for ya. And hey, another Chinese guy in a military uniform? What's goin' down in the Congo, man? Who ever saw so many guns in an office building?

By the way, I've just started a brand new blog all about action webcomics, action films and unpopular music. I'd love some comments and contributions to make it a great blog! Head on over to !
Dude! I'm listening to you on TalkShoe right now! Awesome.

And dude! Albany has a comic con?? And you'll be there?? I live in Saratoga Springs. I didn't know you lived Upstate. I might have to check this out.
Uh? You just decide to post one on SmackJeeves for the fun of it?
Read an interview with Frank and the band a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't gotten around to hearing the music yet. Thanks for the link.
Not a problem! I enjoyed it.
This page added by request. I didn't want to give too much away, but here's a little bit about the characters who have had speaking parts so far.

Feel free to ask any questions!

October 16th, 2009
Ok, I'll work on that. Thanks.
October 16th, 2009
Things will be a bit shadier deep in the mine. :) What a jerk! Big, quiet Chinese dude hits Michelle in the stomach for yelling that she wants to go home?! Somebody needs to teach these gentlemen a lesson they'll never forget!
October 15th, 2009
Hey, anybody out there? Hope you're enjoying the story so far. I'd love some feedback. Anything I can be doing a lot better?
Hey, not bad. And yay for a Fall reference! Although I would not be a bit surprised if Mr. Vedder never even heard of The Fall. Actually, I would be a bit surprised, but I just really wanted to say that.

Also, wow, Riot Fest sounds great! You saw Cock Sparrer and NOFX! And boo for missing the Milkmen!