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My high school sweetheart absolutely did the perfumed letter thing too, although I, being the oblivious young git that I was, never even realized. Much later on I'd just wonder why the drawer where I stored the letters had such a strong and pungent smell.
Not gonna lie, that DOES look like a really shitty art rock band.

Shitty bands can be great fun to play with, though.
As far as tough breakups go, this is some really nice and mature closure.
I've never heard of Medicine Hat before reading this comic, but damn if that isn't the coolest name for a place I've ever heard.
I mean, technically he *is* homeless.
I very much appreciate the throwback to Peter's first encounter with Patrick.

Feels like a lifetime ago! Both for Peter and myself as a reader; it's been such a long and memorable journey!
Living in a country that's 90% forest and lakes, just the idea of huge prairie grasslands feels kinda crazy. I'd love to see them some day, I have a hard time even imagining what it's like.
November 5th, 2013
Hah, I love all the characters, so funny! This is shaping up to be real awesome!

I kinda want to tell you not to worry about any update schedule, but at the same time I want mooore *_*

(seriously though, don't stress out :) just keep being awesome!)
October 18th, 2013
Wheee! I'm loving it already!

Are you planning to play around with different art styles like you're doing with Dark Gold, or are you trying to keep a more consistent theme for this one?
Man, this chapter has such a "last of the good times" feel to it... I can't help but think that things are only going to go progressively more to shit from here on.

I can't wait, but I'm also feeling super anxious about it.
@Merrsharr: Drama ensues... and *then* they make out?
To be fair, at least Rick's trying to be friendly and strike a conversation here.

Doing a pretty shitty job at it, sure.

Nothing good is going to come out of this.
I've never liked Mulligan, even back in Book One. I've known plenty of guys with his attitude and I just don't match with those people.

He's an extremely believable character though - really well written!
Controversial is good. Let's do this!
When I first read the actual page, I thought for a moment I was reading the incentive page by accident...
That's the "obvious" path of events that's been built up...but knowing mr. Twist there'll be more to that than that!

And hey, voting incentive! Do I smell a One Inch Punch tour?!