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Lady Of Crimson
Time to add stuff!

I write things and draw things, although drawing is more of a hobby. I'm currently writing shit now so that after I go to college and learn more about making a book and how the senteneces might have to work and stuff I don't know about so that I can just rewrite them. I also like poetry. I have multiple other ideas if writing doesn't work. One of them is painting, the others are...well there are a lot so I don't want to write them but one includes me taking over half of Russia.

Anyway I love reading comics, I love reading manga and I love everything so this place is like a win/win/win!

EDIT: haha so that was from two years ago i thought it would be much much worse but i'm kind of glad i left such a nice description here!! :D
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oh my god! it's honestly social suicide if he kisses him right now, but it's going to be such a shit thing to do if he punches him :/
the best options i see involve outside forces
a) a teacher/janitor FINALLY shows up
b) some of jul's friends?
c) phone goes off
OR, of course, he just doesn't punch him hard at all. like idk, fake it like he's apparently so good at faking his abject homophobia
once you're hyper aware of someone's existence u end up finding things that were always in plain view... so yeah TBH the display case thing does sound kiiinda creepy but reasonable
aw i love the new sprites~
lol that 'y'
that's cool tho, you need time to do your own thing and honestly, this webcomic here is free anyway so all the time/patience/effort might as well be going into something that benefits you!!! good luck!
she didn't take the phone number?? pretty smart if she wanted to keep the girl out of it, but idk it could've come in handy if she needed someone to escape with
i have to use that phrase more often
"But first you have to stop... being such a fucking asshole." and then he slaps him
lol tbh imo thats how i saw it playing out
jamie pose like 'peridot reporting for duty'
I always thought, as the story progressed, it was more like Nathan asked him out to toy with him :> and to see what he could do to the great William etc,
And William is just going out with Nathan because he thought it would give him the instant gratification he might expect? and to move on and idk .jpg
this was the first thing i thought of XD sorry
:\/ scott 2 the rescue!!!
"Shit am I going to get my ass handed to me?" WELLLLL :B
Trish so nice! I bet she's secreting gon b a submissive to Lee tho :Y !
Actually now that I've made this comment, she's probably just smart enough to know it's not for halloween :U !!
so cute :V !
this all looks swag affff!!!!!!!
im like :D :D :D :DDDD this whole time
that first panel girl is rlly beautiful <3 i live 4 that hair tho
Maybe Lucky took sum weird drug trip and he's rly smashing a potted plant rn
if u swore enough could you have a huge rude ghost party??