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Hey there,

My mind is always busy with stories with all kinds of genres and themes! What I love the most in stories is mixing the genres, science, magic, humour, action, adventure, fantasy, mystery, romance and humour is all good - and the best is on ONE BIG MIX! ^o^

Accordingly my stories varies in theme, genre and type. I have angels, samurai, bugs, sorcerers, a cursed schoolboy and an assassin, and there is always some action, drama, humour and a hint of romance, haha. ;P

The only issue is time for I lead a very busy lifestyle and though I'm a professional artist, these comics are not my main source of living, "just" my passion.
So updates are irregular sadly. But I hope in time this will change because I do have a damn good amount of stories to tell. XD
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    call me Anticia =)
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The Angels are just so cute! ^u^
I'm glad he was okay, I was worried Lilith might have pierced him, then I saw it was "just" a human.
Woah, so they CAN be separated. That's a relief, I would have missed seeing Sandalphon, haha.
Btw, I really like how simply you solved the issue of separating ANgels from mere humans - the colourful eyes in a monochrome comic. It's very effective. ^^
Ohh.. I wonder if MANY of the angles has fallen (like.. kinda all?), that's why the big earthquake.
Haha, I was wondering if Sandalphon calling him Peter has any Biblical connection, now that scene is surely ironic with the walking on water thing. :D
But I guess there is more to it...
Aww it was funny and adorable again. Looking forward to more. 'Im glad you picked it up again! ^_^
PFT HAHAHAHA, exactly. It's even funnier how Naoto haven't even realized how it's not what you do on a date. XDDDD
PFT, Naotot is putting way too much energy in "seducing" Shizu, it's so amusing. And apparently this is what Kaoru thinks too... XD
PFT, they exchanged like twowords and he already drags Shizu with a date. A DATE. Okay I guess he is also a bit nervous about Kaoru but his enthusiastic face more tells me he just wants SHizu to accompany them. XD
Also, their face when they hear the suggestion... XDDDD
He IS right about the family drama just not the source... XD;
Aww c'mon, it's still half of the truth, gotta tell him all~! D=
Awww, I was glad when he felt unsure with the other twin and how certain he is NOW, cause I was rooting for him from the start! Awesome! X333
Hahaha, for once he decided to save Kastil? (oooor, he just wants to keep him, muwhahaha)
AHHHH shiiiiit! This sucks...
I love the way you paneled this! I could see it as an animaion totally! X3
Awww, I knew he was gonna talk himself out of it... And yet, I'm not disappointed, I think I prefere kastil not making his hads dirty like thta... =)
(But maybe it's a whishful thinking, the comic have just started yet XD)
haha, the kids are playing now XD
This was my fav chapter probably! Loved teh atmosphere, all the lights, the actions, the suspese, teh unexpected turns and the representation of all this!
And the outcome. Of course the brothers will take the short end of things in the end. XD
But awwww, it was really lovely how Ma wanted to protect Sei and that his brthers was immediately on his side. X3
Aaaand so is Shou XD;
PFTTT, Ma is unlucky... XD
Hahaha, poor Shou XD;
Awww, it's so lovely! I really love your characters! ^^
Seki's dutiful caring (but still pride inside, lolz) and Kan is just fun with his ever-cheerful nature XD;