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whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this time comes finally!
not that I'm not happy it end this way but it just feel so weird not seeing them anymore. Hope you'd do holiday special episode or something in the future :)
You did a really great job Sarah <3 This is a really great series. I meant it!

Sorry for not commenting for a big while. I'm busy and just finished up all the pages I missed.

By the way is it possible that I can buy your comic and ship to Thailand? :p
Aaaaaawwwwwwww Sashhhhh <3
That's just so sweet I'm dying

And it's also great to see Blyth's response when she knows it's Ruthie hehehe *evil laughter*
ohhh nooooo poor Ruth :<
Phewwww *relieve sigh*
Love how you portrayed Blake's frustration so well and the moment Janey said she's staying longer is really touched. >_<

In fact I think this is why I'm so addicted to your comic. It's because I love emotional expressions in your stories. Your characters are really convincing and understandable in their own ways :)
Please keep drawing. Your works really inspired me.

Sorry if my English got weird :p I'm not a native speaker.
Haaa! Deal with it Blake.
I'm glad finally he gets to learn something.
I'll be waiting very eagerly for the next update :)
Stop torturing them. And me.
Haha kidding :p you're doing such a great job. So many sexual tension between them and that reluctant atmosphere! Keep going!
I just really love Janey and Blake's friendship >< I have a few friends like this and I really appreciate having them around.

Good to see a development between Janey and Ruth as well. Very warm update <3
Ohhhhhhh asdfjkl;asdfjkl; Such a sexual tension!!!
omg asdfjkl; THIS!
awwwwwwwww :( hope she could just be here with Blake and everyone but I suppose it's not possible. By the way thanks for posting my fanart and I'll definitely looking forward to the next update!
hope blake doesn't postpone it after this >< poor ruthie! And now I couldn't wait to know about Janey~~~

By the way I love your coloring choice :D I like this scheme and I think it'd be hard to use but you did it so well x)
why sorry? Nothing's wrong with them :)
Thank youuuu x) I don't mind at all! I really love your comic <3 It's really inspiring!
aaaaa *sigh* Blaaaaaaake!!
AAAAAA I'm usually content with myself but now I wish I were richer TwT lol wanna own the print versions so bad
So this is your new coloring way :D It looks great! Anyway I agree with Janey that 80's movies are great xD and I hope Blake and Ruthie would get to talk clearly in the next update >< I'll be waiting!