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I am Todd this is me, I am a gamer, I enjoy to past time by hanging with friends the most, and also reading comics, I may have the appreance of someone who doesn't like the outside, but I ensure you I like the outside 78% of the time.
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    Todd Turner
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Ace's loving an angel.
This is dedicated to another main in the story line, Shining, my girlfriend Morgans "old" RO character (Since she quit) hehe.. not much humor but its alright for reading I guess.. hope you like it.
Brother, you are either sick or terribly terribly drunk.
Not a Player like moi?
Okay, I can honestly say this is alright for humor, but anywho.. the new panel layout and the whole red black and multi color thing for the whole.. text thingies.. but yeah.. it looks like a retards rave party, might go back to normal.
History of Smoke?
Well this comic strip took me a little while to think up, considering I was dry outa ideas because I didn't have a coffee today.. but never the less I hope you like it.
The moron.
Ahh, yes.. my RO character and his little side - kick.. enjoy the strip, hopefully it makes you giggle.
The Doukegata Family.
Exciting no? well I hope you all enjoy the series of Doukegata or whatever you wish to call it.
that is so.. brillant.
I love you.
Mario is the best XD
Best. Comic. Ever.
I couldn't agree with charlie more.
Happy birthday, to bad your life has failed so far, lol.
Don't take that from a man who wears bat stuff, kick him in the ass, no wait batmans awesome DON'T!!
February 9th, 2007
Very good!
5/5 for sure, nice art.
Coooool.. lucky lucky man.
4/5 ^^
Headshots are fun :D
Headshots are fun, but they're better on your own team.
I wonder..
I wonder if Bruiser gets with her, or he breaks down and cries when someone else gets with her.. hehe..