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His tail is happy!
Charmeleons definitely aren't cute, but I think they look pretty badass.
This page looks really good, especially Kero's face in the first panel!
Other reasons include: All my time will soon be consumed by school and marching band; I am lazy; I have other projects to be working on; and I didn't plan the story out that well in the first place, so losing all the planning I did have is...sucky.
Well, after losing all my computer files, I had to download GIMP again, and it's a newer version than I had been using. Which is good, because it's got new features and encouraged me to play around with it a bit. But it's also kinda inconvenient at first, because I'm still getting used to it.

Also, new first/prev/next/last buttons.
I am just in love
with so many of the panels on this page. I mean, it's probably just me, but I'm proud of myself for this page. First panel is probably my favorite panel in the comic thus far.

Oh also I finally figured out how to put space between panels. And I wrote in a sound effect in the second panel, but brush pens and poor penmanship aren't a good combination. It says *thump*.
EDIT: A few changes. The chapter name is changed so it's less ableist.
Given that this is my first time
attempting this sort of style, with the patterns for shading and all, I'd say it turned out really well. I like how the second-to-last panel turned out.

And no, they're not dressing as doctors; that's just a hat and a cloth.

Also! I used a brush pen for the lines on this (and upcoming pages) and holy crap it's so much fun. If you've never used one, I highly recommend it. Brush pens aren't so great for details, but they make everything look a lot more lively, and they make inking really fast.
Okay, I hope nobody got too attached to seeing these guys in color, because the time-saving method that got me off hiatus was to not do colors.
Also I'm just drawing it on paper and then cleaning it up and adding effects from now on. You'll see the results in a week, guaranteed; page is already uploaded but hidden for a week.
The useful part is in this description
What with all the aliens in the last couple pages, and the coming several, I figured people should be able to know which are the ladies and which are the gents.
Here are the most obvious differences:
Facial ridges: In females, the facial ridge is small, covering only the snout area. In males, it also circles most of the way around the eyes.
Tail blades: Females have smaller, simply pointed tail blades. Males have larger, three-pronged blades.
Found a more efficient way to make speech bubbles. Still working on the whole "drawing comics often enough to keep people interested" thing.
Name: Dennis Leon
First Appearance: Page 2. or 3. I'm too lazy to check.
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 16 (technically 36)
Distinguising features: Fairly short, always wears a really baggy coat.
Personality: Dennis is the warm, friendly, leader-y type. He's not so good with tough decisions, especially since he's good at seeing both sides of an argument. He likes to help others. Dennis prefers to avoid conflict, but if things get out of hand, he will defend himself and his friends. Unfortunately, he's not exactly a tough cookie. He's scrawny, short, and wears oversized clothing. He's a bit of a dork, and a bit eccentric. But he's also smart and friendly.
Bio: Dennis lived a normal life on Earth for the majority of his lifetme. His family and Frances's family had been friends for a long time. But he really became friends with Frances through Jay. Dennis met Jay in detention in the second grade--Jay had been in a fight due to stress from his parents' divorce, and Dennis had annoyed his teacher a bit too much. It was his first detention, and he was freaking out, but ended up fooling around with Jay the entire time.
Incidentally, I'm getting pretty good at the whole "actually drawing the comic pages" thing, so once I've got a nice buffer built up and a few more characters profiled, I'll start updating normally.
(Check bottom of this comment for more info about my plans for updates)

Name: Remus
First appearance: Last panel, page 9.
Species: Septimo
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Distinguishing features: Scar on his neck, markings that runs from his eyes to his chin.

Personality: Manipulative, but usually for good reasons--Remus believes the ends always justify the means. He often seems like he's taking things too seriously or not seriously enough, but no matter what he's up to, you can be sure he's thinking it through.

Bio: Remus was born into a reasonably rich family, and lived a happy childhood. But that peace and prosperity did not last. His father was crippled by a long-time enemy when Remus was 14. The same enemy gave Remus the scar he has on his neck in an attempt to kill him. His father's attacker also stole most of the family's valuables and has been identified, but never caught.

Afterwards, Remus and his family moved as far away from their home as they could, fearing the enemy would return. When Remus was old enough, (16) he moved out on his own to seek revenge on the one who had terrorized his family. Unfortunately, he fell on hard times in his new location, and lacked the funds to continue his search. He settled down in a craphole of a town and learned to survive and make money in sketchy, questionably legal ways.

He does not often talk about his past, so few of his friends even know where he comes from. However, Remus is determined to one day have his revenge and return to his family to tell them of his success. Despite the hardships he has faced, he remains quite upbeat and something of a joker, although he does have bad days during which he is haunted by memories.

Trivia: I stole his name from Greek mythology because I couldn't think of anything else. "Remus" is the brother of Romulus, the founder of Rome.

Okay, so that's what these will be like. A couple of them may be of characters who haven't even been in the comic yet, but rest assured that any spoilers will be extremely minor.
So there. Now you know a ton about the guy whose face was sort of shown in one panel.
Incidentally, these will probably be posted more regularly than the comic normally was--because they're a lot easier.

Thanks for reading even though I suck at updating regularly.
Two panels. Two. Panels. And they took me this long. And I had spring break while working on this.*facepalm*

Yeah, I gotta get my act together, but I assure you that I'll keep trying. It's been a busy couple weeks.
Sorry for the lateness.
Hectic week.
Anyway, I'm bored of people. Next page, we get away from these three for a while.
EDIT: AW, FARK! See all that white stuff at the bottom of the page? Yeah, I'll get right on fixing that.
EDIT AGAIN: There, it's gone! Good thing I didn't get rid of layers or something dumb that would have made that a pain.
Well, crap.
I originally planned to post this page as a Sunday update. LAST Sunday. Now it's either a very late Thursday update or an early Sunday update.
I blame layers and my own inability to script. I think I was delirious when I wrote the script for this page, because I had to change both pictures and dialogue in a few panels in order for it to make sense.

@Bluewyrm: I use GIMP. I would certainly appreciate some advice!
Woot woot.
Besides the extremely lazy backgrounds, I'm pretty proud of this page, especially Dennis in panel 2 and Frances in panel 4.
I think I'm improving a bit with every page, and that's really all I can ask for.
I did it. I finished this page. Now, it wasn't exactly difficult to draw or anything, and there's only one word on it. But it still took a looong time. Because I was distracted by video games and one math project.

But damn, I have to add a "Kapwing" sound effect to that third panel.
Vote on TWC:
Vote incentive is the character meme linked to below, but filled out and slightly altered. One day, I'll have to make a full color version that I spend more time on.
The meme:

Yeah, I'm still pretty bad at speech bubbles.
Holy Tiny Text, Batman!
If that text size is too small to read, someone please let me know.
Anyway, these three are the actual main characters. I'll explain right now that the girl is Frances, the tall guy is Jay, and the short guy is Dennis.
So...I'm still working on speech bubbles. And text. And backgrounds. And art. get the point. Anyway, three pages. New record for me.
I just started reading this comic today, and I love it so much! Your art style is very unique; I really like it.