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Name: Opdisk Serub

Age: 18

Weapons: Embrescence, Gungnir

Weapon Forms:
Embrescence >> Sword, Gunblade
Gungnir >> Spear, Glaive

Powers: Pyrokinesis, Gravity Control, Expert Marksmanship, Master Swordsmanship, Form Shifter, Dimensional Walker

Preferred Forms:
Speed Burst (Fox Form)
Speed Burst >> Critical Energy Form

CyHuman (Humanoid Form)
CyHuman >> Assaulter Armor
CyHuman >> Archangel Form

Hybrid (Reploid Form)
Hybrid >> Model A00
Hybrid >> Model AS
Model A00 >> U.R.I.E.L. Protocol
  • Real Name
    Opdisk Serub
  • Age
  • Gender
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Does not include the following Characters:

Sinopia Serub
"Serubian Weaver" Serub Opteisen
Tom the Potato Mage
Musika Skuld
"The One Spoon" Light Gerstein

Alexander Beignet
The real Ira Xanxus (The one here is Satoshi Arma who uses the name as an alias)

"Glaurung" Serub
"Blood Lotus" Suzaku
Seimene Arma-Xanxus
Add my lekismon sprites to this, though I don't think they would help much.
This should be fun, Opdisk has been itching for a rematch against Niyati.
Also, who's the green fox in the blue suit?
And all I'm doing is sitting here waiting for Dark.
I like Taku's suggestion. Also small Black Garurumon is small.
So... What do we do now?
Chatot maybe?
Atty, you get all the girls!
What Neroe said D:
"I'm bored", those words are never followed by anything nice.
Using my limited knowledge of the english language and semantics, and my power to OD on coffee I will now translate everything Niv said on this page.

Panel 09: Ket...
Panel 10: Ket...
Panel 11: Ket...
Panel 12: KET!
Panel 13: Ket, are you okay?
Panel 14: There's a lot of interference...
Panel 15: Ket, listen to me.
Panel 16: This world is dangerous. I'd get you out of there but there's something blocking me.
Panel 17: Just deal with it okay!
Panel 18: I'll try to figure out what the problem is.
Panel 19: Be careful and watch your back.
Panel 20: Good luck.

I need a life T_T
@Shard: Well most problems can either be solved with fire, violence, or both. Have you tried any of those?
@J: As a precursor, we see here Atty after he got his face eaten off by rabid zubats.
One of the grunts is wearing a, "With this rock, I will conquer the world!", type of expression. That or she just has a very strong fascination with that piece of rock. But for me, she just found out that the rock holds all the answers to life's questions.
Why does a snake have quills?
There is something wrong with that sprite. I can just feel it, but I can't put my finger on it :\
Why pay $500 for something that you can get for free, right?
Gatomon can own Seadramon's scaly behind...