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I like smackjeeves. And yaoi. Also yaoi. And Baka Usui :).
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Kaito came to pick him up? Cute :3 <3<3<3
Ouchies! Poor pillow >.<
Soooo cute :3 Like, I heard kitty and saw the blank cat stare just before. Ace xxx
@MISA-CHAN3713: as in kaito is an angel and angel's name is angel? I tried TT.TT
Plot twist: kaito is actually @angelperez! :O:O:O
*sigh* Colt is beautiful. Our opinion of him has completely flip-flopped since his first appearance :)
Ooooh! Jake that gave her the vibrator :) That's so cute <3333
This is gonna be delicious. So very...

So it wasn't Prez this whole time?
Ha. You mentioned it yourself. Yeah, its way cleaner and somehow brighter. Guess you dont need your scanner anymore, huh?
Ermg, can't believe no one commented on the sudden change in drawing style. Looks like you're drawing on a tablet now. Or an uber fantastic new pen.
I can't believe you don't even realise how much you're drawing has suddenly improved! Again! Suddenly everything has more detail and yes the shading counts and the detail in the hair and you're showing more complex body positions and little details to go with these complex body positions! Oh and you've had a chance to up your fashion showingness I think ;). Anyhoo, don't listen to what you say, you're drawing has indeed suddenly gotten particularly UNF lately :)
September 3rd, 2012
That's colt isn't it! He speaks Spanish too ? Oo la la!
A colour would be nice occasionally, but you said yourself you're inexperienced. Colouring takes ages anyway with experience, without it must be sooo difficult. I say only do it on pages important to the storyline that would look great with colour :).
Top him? Surely this is going towards Kaito willingly riding Shuno... right? Please?
Pshaw. Like your gonna be allowed to do that. *dumb bitch meme*
Absolutely loving the texture here :).
Heeey! It's the hat from the chapter cover! Getting the same feelin you get when the movies title is said in the movie >o<
Flexibility = ... HAWTNESS L8R :D
Please Please Please Please Please let this be about letting loose his wild side! Still waiting v. impatiently to see it!