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i am yaoi fan :DDDDD
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@Bloodingheart: :O really >< thanks :D
stupid boss :c poor fang >< ahhhhhh i want to see evan soon :$
omg jelous wuiiiii :D
yey finally is back :D >< welcome back piggy ho ho :D ><
@xulrei: nop you are not the only i want a shizuxnaoto ><
holy shit ...... >< ran they come for you wuaaaaa run ><
yey finally something about max and ruppert i love this
relationship >< :D
wuoooooo reiji is a really a big boss >< just today i discover your comic and i love it :D
<3 gratz for your 300 likes :D i like this comic :D
aww i love max and rupert <3 i love your comic >< dont forget us :D we want to see more about this two :D
yey actualizacion xDDDD al fin y escenas hot que mejor :DDD yo tambien quiero que saeki se coma a kei con crema y una guinda :DDD
@rainfish: i love your comment :D shizu Is The choosen one <3
shizu to the rescue :3 i love shizu jajaja and csp and naoto .... xDDD a love this comic i want shizuxnaoto
jajajaj xDDD "asi que solo hiciste eso ¬¬" jajajajaja el queria mas accion y mas detalles :P y yo tambien jajajaja pero saeki estan hermoso e inocente que para el besos y abrazos es suficiente xD
omg i would like to work there with shuno :$$$ and the afro bird :DD omg nice page :DD so cute..... by the way xD that is my face when im thinking in yaoi and looking a patient(cat`s patient)
Yey yey yey jajajaja actualización que genial ya la extrañaba xddd bueno el profe no iba por tan mal camino en cuánto cosas pervertidas xDD yuki leyó su mente jojojo
I love shizu, naoto, shizu is the best for you i love this couple