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Roy needs some love </3 That poor poor bootyful man. (Who reminds me of a gay version of Chris from Resident Evil<3) I love your art by the way<3
I love you and your art<3
I'm Bisexual so I totally understand how you feel when people make comments like that. I like your art style<3 It's very cute and fun.

P.S. I love you for making this comic<3
S-Silvain.... y-your hair!
Oh wow, I thought I liked Pompadours' hair before, but with that little tuft of hair all messy and hanging down over his forehead... I could get used to that. I mean y'know, Mace could use something to pull on during their smex. <3 (Silvain in the last panel... Take me now bbz.)
You two are just too cute, I hope you stay happily married for years to come.
So cute <3
The Ambassador looks so cute and happy with those flowers! <3
I love your artwork and this comic seems really interesting. And now that you say that you play Oblivion makes me love it more because I play Oblivion and I love that game. <3
Resist Mori... He has a dick.
That was perfect right thereXD
I love this comic, can't wait for more<3
While this was totally hot...
Am I the only one that was worried about Naruto knocking his drink over?
I love you
I freaking love this comic, the sketches are amazing!
Please continue updating<3
OMG!! I was like, so happy when somebody FINALLY did something like this! I saw this on Commercial Kings, it was so funny.

"Oh no, there's a bear in my bed!!"

This. This Right here. Just made my entire, fucking, LIFE!!
When I saw this update, I was like "Fuuuuuuuuu.... FUCK YES!" I exploded at how HAPPY I WAS!! AH ZOMGG
I'm 60% Gay, and Ima Girl. LULZ XD