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Dat Rhino Booty. =3
@Rook: No Tacos, on Taco Tuesday
Wait, isn't he the one that normally brings them in supplies? Wouldn't this be more along the lines of advance payment for future business?
It's totally because they have the best Nachos.
Yay Friendship!
Mugger was badass as a kid. Though without her breasts, she likes kinda odd now since I'm so used to them xD

That came off weird didn't it? -.-
@Klonder: Aye, Doc dad and Bunny mom? :P Kinda seems it's going to go that way xD
Would have been awesome if Doc said "Same thing goes for you" and gives them the evil eye.
I want to see there wedding in this comic D:
The Feels D:
Fel has that angry Protective Mother look xD
If there are future pages that are a bit naughty. maybe the patron gets the nude / uncensored version.
@Aruswrath: Aye, Bonnie was missed D:

June 15th, 2013
Tentacle Monster + Sexy women = Me w/ Popcorn. :D

I like where this is going. Giggity.
D'aawww Wolf girl wanted to know if he was tasty :P

Also: Muggers face in Panel one xD
D'aaaaw =3
Renamon would never have sexy-time with Sonic! D:

*Obligatory needs more wolf girl comment*
@Lacking: Since money seems to be lacking in their Clan, She should bake them cupcakes or something =3
@xpacetrue: taking this too serious xD
Would be awesome to see how they'd react when they found porn xD