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Made this account years ago to keep track of some awesome comics. Meant for my name to end with 'Hi' not 'High' but I didn't double check and now I'm stuck with it.
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It's like when Max takes over Misty's dealing-with-Brock's-womanizing-bullshit. Bite the ears, Soul!
It's time for Gold to fulfill his destiny: to become an exact copy of his manga counterpart :P
Please be Kotone. Please be Kotone. Please be Kotone! (I wanna see Crys freak out to see her cousin putting herself in potential danger :P)
Seriously, this has been one of my favourite comics for who knows how long. The art was simple yet wonderful (expressions and actions galore), and the storyline was orchestrated beautifully. I do hope that your Emerald Nuzlocke will come to fruition, but I don't mind just knowing Crys and Gold's adventures don't end here. To Mii and Lads, thank you for the ride. May all your future endeavors be filled with awesome. <3
Just read your final project
I think it's pretty awesome! I especially love how you conveyed the story with as few words as possible. Short and sweet with a pinch of surprise at the end.
@ Lyra: How has your Pokemon journey been so far? What's your team like?

@ Gold and Crystal: Who is Lyra to you? Is she a friend/cousin/sister/neighbor/etc?

@ Silver: Do you consider Gold and Crystal to be your friends? Or just acquaintances?
@miizj: You could change it from "Another girl!" to "Finally, a girl!"
EEEEEEEE! You're back! :D
The Johto trio's many vices. Lol
The Pokerus explains a lot
I'm sad that Lyra won't be able to join Silver, but I hope they'll meet again soon.
I really hope Kotone goes with him.
Whether by Elm's orders or not. I just want her and Silver to be friends.
//Wondering if these two will become Elm's messengers.

And, wow, baby Silver being all responsible. Good Lord, every single time there's a new page, I'm reminded as to why I love this webcomic.
You tried, Kotone, you tried
There are just so many great expressions in this page. <3
Heh, do I detect OldRivalshipping?
Maybe one-sided Chosenshipping? Generally, it's just really good to see these three. I <3 Pokespe.
My shipping senses are tingling
Soulsilvershipping next page? Or maybe Silver just getting creeped out by Kotone's overenthusiastic and flying off to have a nap somewhere in piece?

I totally missed Silver. I'm glad he seems to be doing fine now that his dad's in jail.
So much cuteness in the last 3 pages
And hilariousness. And awesomeness.
What a cutie. I'm getting cavities from it. XD
Just realized that the band-aid on his cheek is gone because Gold and Crys' cuteness was blinding me for a while.
So many great expressions.
And poses and adorable people. I cannot stop looking at this page.
Lol, gamegirl mom
And aww, I like Crys' HGSS outfit. It's cute. Would've liked to see Gold in his HGSS outfit, too. But oh well, I'll just continue reading this brilliance.