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A lover and a poet. Also a full-time animator. My comic 'Simon Sues' was created for a Pilot program that was eventually canceled. I enjoyed creating it so much I thought I would continue it here.

Biggest Law and Order fan Evah!!! I like all kinds of horror, drinking teas, Indian Food/Korean BBQ and playing soccer.
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    Myung Hee Kim
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haha, still has to relinquish his weapon and get some psyche evaluation while being investigated by IA
So Jacque bit Mia and then she was able to discover Angela? What's that guy's motivation? Why would he help them rescue her from their cohort's clutches?
Cab...Definitely cab
Interesting way each power manifests. And I'd be interested in a compiled digital versoin
Ewww, creepy zealot...
Have you thought about activating the mobile viewing option on your comic settings? I read most of my comic on my phone/tablet.
Poor Jinny. Shouldering the responsibilities of all the adults around her. I think it's an interesting theme throughout this comic of children (outwardly) being the source of stability and wisdom.
Very cool perspective in the bottom panel!
I have to agree with Mr. Palindrome. Bernadette has moved way down in my favor at least compared to Jinny. She seems to always be paralyzed with either fear, narrow-mindedness, or some supernatural affliction. I totally get her station in life may have melted her brain, but I need some spark or slither to hold onto, god damn it!
At least there's room for doubt here...
@artificer urza: I had an old phonograph of Beethoven's Piano Sonatas that my dad and I listened when I was kid. Pretty frantic. Most of his piano sonatas are, that's why a lot of it was considered almost obscene by contemporaries.
The sheet music is a clever way of expressing a sinister flow.
Seems like something is causing them to see people from their past who they most desire to see again.
More intrigue! I'm not surprised though. Rome is equivalent to the Sith Empire in Hollywood culture.
I was actually waiting to see how Angela would handle Bernadette herself. But still fortunate Mia was able to in the end.
God! They are absolutely no match for her. I wonder what would happen if Angela ever went out of control
September 17th, 2014
YES! I was wondering when we'd see this group again. I hope this means major paths are crossing at last!
Beautiful shade of red! Looking forward to the next chapter
Also, never start a land war with China...
I like though that compared to her former self, she's now considered "intimidating".
I'm torn between Angela's sense of honour and optimism and Bernie's overly cautious, slightly oppressed pragmatism.