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Courage TH
Yo. I'm Courage, TeamSonicPrez(REBORN)'s younger brother. My character Courage controls light.

I'm new to spriting and comic making...
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    Courage the Hedgie
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@Draven22: It took me 13 minutes to get the pudding out of my hair!
@Draven22: I made the mistake of openly insulting her writing.
Figured I had to make my intro sooner or later, so here it is.
Sorry for low quality, my sis made me do the edits...
@slayer209: A fireplace poker.
@Draven22: I'm an ass all the time, but Prez doesn't take it out on me online.
@epicness: No. She doesn't have a brother. I'm Chuck Norris in disguise. >8(
@Hydra: Yes, this really happened.
@All of you: Our mom says hi.
@Draven22: I can only say that Prez is obsessed with her candy. My punishment was WORSE than death.
@TeamSonicPrez: I don't suck THAT bad.