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Kaji Motomiya
I am an artist, a jack of trades tho master of none. I sing, I draw, I write, and I take pictures (I will call it that until I can find the right verb, and no, I don't think photograph sounds right). Again, master of none.

My comics are mainly photograph comics, using my toy figures that I've collected over the past years since 2010 to form a sort of story. I hope you will enjoy these light little strips. I'm always looking for help, such as photoshop advice, comic advice, and story advice. Feel free to contact me if necessary.

Please gobble me kindly.
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Shadow Triad
Yeah, I was always confused when I look at the sprites for the Shadow Triad. Even the Pokemon Special manga made their hair short, even though their hair is much longer and their sprites look the same.
Dem Game Choices...
I hate it when games give you Yes or No choices, but it's really only one answer, and they won't let you continue without picking the right answer. Like, why bother asking if you know what the answer SHOULD be?
That last panel... so friggin' icon-worthy...
Where's Luke around when you need him?
That was a damn nice touch, Pi. Totally wasn't expecting that in this comic.
The last Pi panel...
That should TOTALLY be your icon. Just colored and full of malice! Or irritation. lol
Not at Mistralton City yet, but...
Now I know what to expect. I've seen comics and pics regarding the cannons, but...I didn't think that's what they were for. lol
Why Drifloon? You can't blame them for! e ue

Also, you shoulda seen me when Galvantula was first released. I was SO terrified...
Pi's Ma
She doesn't look anything like I expected. I thought you were gonna go Generation III's Leaf and grow her up.
The door to the future opens...
With DrunkDuck's recent escapades, you have NO idea how upset and disoriented that this happened on April 1st, when I WANTED to end the Season. Everything was planned out. And the minute I finish the comic and read to upload it, BAM. This happens. Seriously, I wanted to choke someone...


Warning: Huge image is huge.

This is it. The end of Season 1 of Toyroom SOS, and the beginning of my long-deserved break from this comic. I can now focus on art things and my own freedom. I feel happy and relieved.

This comic, while only 20 comics, has come a long way in my opinion. Every excruciating shot was done carefully to get the best quality as possible to make each comic. Scripting was thought up on the spot, as it always changed from the original script. The toys collected for this comic burned a huge hole in my wallet for the past year, but it was all worth it.

I owe all of this to Henshin Justice Unlimited, a website that introduced me to these figures and the fandom that these figures belonged to, DrunkDuck, the site that let me put up my comics, and Strain42, the comic artist known for his popular work, Persona 3 FTW. But most of all, I owe everything up to this point to my good buddy, The_Emperor. My dictator from north of the border has been with me since the very first comic with Kuuga and Black Rock Shooter, teaching me how to use Photoshop and helping me with the third comic. And even to the end, he added his own signature in the final panel of the comic: the door to the future. His works on HJU inspired me to start mine, furthered by Strain, and his support helped me successfully end Season 1.

To all of you, the readers, the community, my inspirations, and my one and only "aibou". Thank you so much for keeping up with me until now. I've had my share of troubles, my ups and downs, and I still managed to persevere. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'll see you all again in Season 2!

(Comic originally posted April 2, 2011)
Part two of the The Great Toy Escape, and the first comic that featured everyone on my shelf. Yes. EVERYONE. Oh, except Pooky. D= So not everyone. Damn.

Yes, Mighty and Aigis are supposed to be holding hands. But Mighty doesn't have good hand-holding hands.

This was basically all one post. I just took pictures in different sections. It'd be a bitch to pose EVERYONE each panel...

(Comic originally posted March 29, 2011)
The first comic of the first three-parter that ends the first season of my first webcomic. That's a lot of firsts.

Schedule is going straight forward. The end of the season is at April 1st. What sort of plan does Diend have?!

(Comic originally posted March 25, 2011)
lol Opera is done, so I'm back to updating the comic on Smackjeeves! I guess I'm really taking my laziness since I finished the opera to overdrive...
REALLY cut this comic close. Reason being, I recently got a dog last Friday (when Comic 16 was put up). Her name is Dot, a Pomeranian, Papillon, and American Eskimo mix. Her name comes from the Animaniacs character (for you fellow oldies). Today, she took up so much of my time that I didn't have a chance to make the comic until half an hour ago...

She's my sister's dog, making me her uncle. But she doesn't seem to like me very much. Oh well, she's only 11 weeks old or so. It'll be fine...I hope...

(Comic originally posted March 22, 2011. She is, as of this post, now 1 year and 4 months old <3)
One of the only few Pokemon whose evolved physical form is less than desirable...

Another one of which, IMO, is Magnezone. C'mon, really? A UFO? Or those things used in construction?
Those Deerling little...
I remember grinding around the area past...uh...Clayton's city (silly me actually forgot the name of it! lol), and I went up against a Deerling. I hadn't caught it yet, so I was like, "Oh snap! This should be easy!"


I watched my Pokemon faint for the very first time (I made it a point in the game to NEVER make my Pokemon faint). In the end, I caught a Deerling after realizing how crazy they are...and how much I want a Sauce-buck.
When I first ordered D-Arts WarGreymon, I had the thought of using a muscle-headed idiot in the team. When I got him, I thought that he could be muscle-headed, but not an idiot. When I tried to come up with ways to introduce him, I wondered how I would do so. And how would he talk. His first appearance was in the PSA for Japan in the previous comic, though this comic is his first OFFICIAL appearance. I kept his personality the same, but the line "(insert whatever) MAKES MY MUSCLES BULDGE!!" came from a quote my friend said when we were talking about the girls who come to our High School (I went to an all boys high school). He said, "Every time a girl comes by, it makes my pants buldge." I didn't wanna talk to him after that...

But yeah, D-Arts WarGreymon DID come before Aigis, even though his intro comic is after. But I never played with him too much because of his loose joints and his hands. I'll also never remove his claws...

This is also the first 4-panel comic since the first comic!

D-Arts WarGreymon comes from a sub line by the manufacturers of the S.H.Figuarts line, Bandai. They focus on game characters like Digimon (yes, they're game characters and originated as a game), Mega Man X, and Izanagi (Persona 4). WarGreymon is the very first of the line and was bought over his exclusive counterpart, BlackWarGreymon. He thinks mostly with his muscles, but isn't a complete idiot. When he talks, he's always talking "in caps." Even when he thinks, he thinks "in caps." His signature line is, "IT MAKES MY MUSCLES BULDGE!!" (in caps and misspelling of bulge, which is MY mistake)
And THAT concludes introducing Dragon and Pegasus. And thus, red Kuuga will now be named Mighty from here on, named after Kuuga's default red form, "Mighty Form".

The last 2 panels were the hardest to post. Mainly because I found it VERY hard to balance Dragon on one foot. I've had practice with older pictures before, but it's still hard. Figuarts Heat Metal (9) was the first one I tried that pose with.

I came up with the name "Figuarts Kuuga Brothers" on the spot. In the end, I didn't wanna change it, but I hate it. Thus, the name of the was a note to me...
Comic almost didn't make it. lol I picked up Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii, and I spent all day playing with my friend and his friends. I'm currently level 12 thanks to him, and I'm trying to run on my own as to not burden him any longer. But I love being a gunner. It's harder to fight on my own, but makes it more challenging. I'm still not ready to take down a Great Jaggi on my own, though. OTL
(Old post is old, I am now level 36.)

The second introduction comic in a row. Like Kuuga Dragon, Kuuga Pegasus was bought in the Philippines by my mom. I, of course, paid her back for them. They're old items, from the earlier days of Figuarts, and the first releases of these figures. I was lucky that mom found them both.

And seriously, I swear to god, you have NO idea how much I hate hearing cats in heat, especially at 4 to 5am in the morning, outside on the streets. They're LOUD as DUCK. Seriously. Furrilz. It was because of that, though, I was able to come up the plot for the two introduction comics for Kuuga Dragon and Pegasus by displaying their character abilities, one getting one but a negative personality is the price, and the other...not getting one.

S.H.Figuarts Kuuga Pegasus is, like Dragon, one of the earlier Figuarts. His character displays enhanced senses, and as the comic says, his hearing is the most notable. However, the figure does not come with it. He's very cool and aloof, but not cool like Figuarts Kabuto. Pegasus displays an "I don't really give a damn" attitude, and he's always prone to pointing out the obvious.
Kuuga Dragon's first comic. I had more for this one, but I thought it was better to make character introductions seperate from each other than all in one comic. One down, two more to go.

S.H.Figuarts Kuuga Dragon mirrors his character by skill. He, like Skull, has the ability to jump great heights; from top to bottom bottom to top, and back and forth. Distance is never a problem for him. However, his courage to do so is. Dragon is deathly afraid of heights that, even though he has a strong jumping ability, he gets to places the LONG way...