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...To come o_O;
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Flatchested, flatchested, flatchested girls~ .. I'm listening too much of the Nico Nico Douga medley ._. My apologies. I'll still follow this even if Truffles is a tomboyish girl. =^_^= I said it before, I won't back up. Your art is very good and so far, the storyline (even the old one) never disappointed me. =3 Enjoy doing your comic and we'll enjoy reading it =^_^=
*hugs* I won't mind if truffles is a girl. o-o I'll still read it because I like your art =3 So you have my support XD
The last page is purrrfect with the neck snapping.. unless it was the page before o_O That page is perdy too XD...

@ Combeferre: .. I personally find it irrespectful to the artist to say "update soon" when she just did. Artists have other things to do than keep a hord of fans occupied <_<'' sorry if I offended anyone ^^'
I sadly didn't see the black version.. Buuuut, I say blue is better, there are too many black comics XD there. Lovely page too. *hugs* =3
The dictionary tells it all: nympho is sadly only for women <__< other than that, great comic o__o Followed the link from Vampirates =^_^= *faavs*
Nice style. Stalkin~
...I have the sudden urge to translate this still not 10 pages comic XD In French. Nice art as always ^^
Wow. o-o Nice =3 I like the art so far, can't wait to read more. Definitly faving this... and if you have questions about the French *language*, ask me. I'm French-Canadian =^_^=
o_O; This episode reminds me sooo much of the manga "Akira" when Tetsuo gets biiigger and bigger and all XD Also happened in the movie.
...OMG! XD and it's ze return of the lovely Expensive Smile. =^-^=

Great page, as always XD *squee*

and I hereby do.. the first comment dance. *enter dance here*
Pagliacci.. o_O Isn't it the one who wrote the Harlequin stories? With... Franfreluche and all and all, Pierrot, etc. Forgot the names. But not sure. XD and nice page. and yaay, graduation. =^_^=
*first comment dance*

and yaay. Final are evul è_é I hope you get good grades =^_^= Nevertheless...

Nice page XD Lotsa text, but heh, said text as its purpose: to tell us more about J. Dolle =^_^=
XD whaaat? Thick hips..? *checks* ah, yes XD;; Glad you love =^_^=
Nice page.. But! Where's the "snap" sound effect?! <_< There's "Pop", "Crackle", but absolutly no "Snap". XD I want my rice crispies sound effect!!
Yes! A Chuuu!!! *0* I so saw that coming. XD Nice page, well drawn. ... a chuuu!!! =^____^=
XD I agree. smooch is a lovely word. So is the japanese "chuu" =^_^=
I agree with Hyrea.. XD I love the blockin' comment as well ^^
XD Muhahahahahhaa. I so love you! Smex!! Muah. *huuuugs and attempts to steal talent* o_O
This is a really nice comic, well drawn ^^ Worth watching.
WTH? o_____O I so did not see this coming. No, no, no, no! o__O