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i like Video Games c:
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Nightmares should be Darker really
but then i cant complain about this background, its so beutifull ohmaigawsh <3
Yes, but Diddys all "Ooooh he`s going to kick your ass"

ahaa i dont know who is worse aha
Ahah, cograts ahah

these pages are still awesome hehe <3

Ahah i agree, you should of just waited for the trap to work

on another note did you sprite the snivy sprite yourself? because its amazing :o
@Kenny the fox: yes, like vacum wave, not good in the levels like hidden land, but good for the likes of waterfall cave
Discharge= one of the best moves in the PMD series
Ahah, cograts on the fan milestone!
@I'm awesome111: a link table is a table linked to other tables

however a link cable helps you link moves together, using more than one move in one turn, can be usefull but not if you link them wrong
@Kenny the fox: even in Boss battles, you end up telling them to run away because their Hp is low
that happend to me aswell, you take your eyes of them for a moment and their like "Lololdead" eAe
Welcome back and awesome page!
Thank you for being awesome at drawing! :3
Oh.. is that what this shiny rod is for?...
woops :<

anyway great job aha
Aha no worrys Silver, im afraid of heights aswell, and my third fav pokemon is flying :<

Anyway good job on this!