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is a manga-addict who spends too much time and money on manga.
Lose interest easily, thus explaining the fact that never actually create a webcomic.
Desperately need to improve drawing skills
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Just want to let you know that your drawings are so pretty~ *__*
And the story.. I can't wait for the next page!!!
d'awww~~~ >w<

*huggles the massive cuteness* <33
*click the next button repeatedly like a maniac* @_@
she looks so sweet and yet so evil xD
ahh...i haven't been to SJ for a while, and I really thought this collab was dead, but if ya'll want to revive it, count me in! =3
@shadow116035- It's not fun TTATT
I feel miserable and guilty for being so unactive
(PS: I really DID forget Abigail ^^; )
*sings* It's too late~~~

*cough* ...Yeah...feel free to choose the most appropriate excuse >.> *SHOTED*

I'm gonna be more active in this collab, I SWEAR!!! Dx
so don't kick me out!! TTATT

btw, I feel that the comic of Abigail and Thomas is...quite hard to proceed, so, if it's okay for someone, anyone to let Abigail have some part in your comic... *shifty eyes*

I really like the 4th panel, Tabitha looks so sweeeeeet x3

I'm not too good with Photoshop myself, so I don't think it's my place to be teaching you how to use it. But there's plenty of tutorials on the net, I'm sure that'll help, somewhat...
Hero Ryuu to the rescue~!!!
Somebody's been reading too much KHR~~~ =w=
awww... Is Ryuu jealous?? =w=
Just when I was wondering where'd everyone go...*my exam is over btw, so i'll try to (somehow) draw something*

This is just too cute, makes me wanna cuddle those two <333
Maybe Jasper doesn't like tea and crumpets? TTwTT

I have cookies and lemonade if you want D:
Woah... I DEMAND MOAR!!!! xDDD

*staaaaaaaaares for a long time* So...pretty...*w*
I'm just finding excuse to not study, plus, i kinda miss drawing myself =P

Think of this as a toning practise, coz I'm too lazy to colour .__.

PS: to the right is 5-year-old little Xin, I wanted to draw a little about Xin and Xun's past...

I might not be active for a while, as I'm in my EXAMINATION MONTH (the horror!) however, I'll still keep in touch with the updates in L&W
@psyco_kid_360- Exactly what came into my mind. xDD

HibirdXHibari much? <333
It'll be troublesome to have a friend like Amber, I should know. .__.

Btw, I took the character quiz, and I get Tabitha xDD
Hey, I wouldn't blame Gail, I WOULD laugh maniacally,too, if I have MIND-READING POWERS!!! xDD

and...panel 2...does that means Tabitha have feelings for Gail too? OwO

Re:amiko_16... great minds think alike xD

btw, I like the new banner <3
Well, doesn't that makes perfect sense right now? xDD

Lal is sooo cute~ x3