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November 24th, 2009
Sadness aside, the douche attitude is still not forgiven.
...Even if the fangirl inside me wants to let it go and hug Desta. D: WILL. NOT. SUBMIT.
November 18th, 2009
Rough childhood does not make it okay to be a douche, Desta! D<
-5 Respect Points for you.
November 10th, 2009
Ben is kindofreallyfacking bipolar or something.
And insane.

Desta should go save David with lots of amazing kisses and love. D:
...I would post a witty comment about how much I love this page, but I am lame and sleepy and that is the best I could come up with. ^^'
*facepalm* I have a dirty mind...
I totally expected Desta to finish that with "It's so BIG!" In regards to cawk. Yeah.
DAVID. Remove head from ass, THEN NEGOTIATE. D: Deals like that should definitely not be made in hospitals.
Urgh...Hate Michael. David should leave his creepy ass in the dust. D<
October 27th, 2009
Hiiiiirn<3 Gorgeous.
However, I love Swen more. The poor kid got hurt, he deserves a lot of loving to make up for it. D: ...Plus, he's sexy. Mm...
Bahahahaaaa...I love Tobie's sister<3
...And totally not just because we share the same name. =D
(she's also sexy<33)
I just discovered this...And I loves it.<33 So funny, so cute, so many gay boys x] It makes a girl smile.
My only problem is the text...Spelling is good, content is good, it's just that spacing. ><'' It's hard to read without spaces after the periods and commas...But that's a tiny problem.
As I said; love this comiccc<3
HA! Cuteeee. I've always adored that song...It's even better with Full Moon Charm! x]
Well...Weird, but cute. x]
...Strawberry Tea DOES sound good. x] And awhhh, they're such cute old people. :]
Uwaa...I finally was able to read this. T_T; Hm...Much as I miss it, an even better Full Moon Charm? 'Sif I could resist. x] I can't wait to read it!
Oh, how I like this...Well, mostly. The face proportions are so off~ But that's okay. The hands are too.
But...Strangely...I still like this. x] Fav'd~
THE FROG!!<3 ...My favorite of this is that little head sticking out of the well, "Looking for something?". I ADORE THOSE EYES!!!
He can't understand if you don't explain it, Henry...*sigh* Silly little uke...
I actually really don't like Henry. <<;; He's a bit irritating, too uptight for my tastes. I adore Richard though.<3
Buttons = deaded. This cover is awesomee.