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i rarely capitalize letters.
i'm often too blunt.
i'm somewhat of an airhead.
misc. other stuff...yeh.
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aw yiss. here we go!
i'd love to have this as a poster on my wall. <3
yaaaaas! welcome back! *pounceluffles*
welcome back! *huggles* hope you're keeping warm. * u *;
November 16th, 2014
welcome back! *happy dance*
i love this comic! * u *b can't wait to see how much trouble our heroine gets into...fufufufu
October 7th, 2014
this comic is adorable i just wanna squeeze them both. *happydance*
October 7th, 2014
i just read all the way through! this comic is perfection. hot damn. sherlock and john are both quite in-character and your art style is gorgeous! i'm so glad i found this. *happy dance*
my 12 year old cat, Salemn, snores like a pig....i think he's a hybrid catpig. xDD
it's aliiiiiiiiiivvvveeeee! *pounceluffins* glad to see you back and breathin'! :D
onoe. trouble! :DDD
January 10th, 2013
so many squees i have for this page right now amgahh
January 3rd, 2013
the fourth and last panels. UNF. BAMF!Shuno is love <3
January 3rd, 2013
dem bedroom eyes in second panel huehuehue
is it just me or is Beej's face getting bigger each panel? xD
e ue<33

; n ; *patpats*
@eworm: humans are assholes it's just how we do. *shrug*

at least no one is stocking up on two carts worth of toilet paper. Y2K was good times. hahahaha

everyone that spent millions of $$$ on doomsday preparation and houses n shit are going to feel PRE-TY damn silly in a couple'ah days. *snicker*
huehuehehue kissy. :U
hehehe I LIKE ET. <3 *pets yer stache* :D