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shockwave: im a whizz with computers ive got millions of consoles... psp, ds, gamecube, 3 sps, n64, pc (not a console and DUH)

i love spriting, and drawing manga which im not that good, im autistic in 3 ways... damn autism and i was originally called truenitro

but that names gone dull for me now so entering shockwave!

dolby soun system: hooray
darth sidious: and we still follow our master... that came out wrong

shockwave: shutup before i take away your force

well heres the start of a new era
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I FORGOT TO MAKE A COMIC! i was having too much fun on guitar hero 3... ill go make one now... btw. god received my letter?!
i dunno wat im doin up... its 1:34am here atm... and im supposed to have 2 exams tomorrow... im an idiot XD
theyre really good
well its not long till i get a NEW laptop... hopefully and then i can get back to spriting
*boogie*7 days till my birthday, 7 says till my birthday*boogie*
actually they look great
ill make one as soon as i get on my main pc,
the problem is that thats always being used and since its a brand new one, it doesnt have any of my sprites...
wat do you want¿
i got a wii
shockwave: i have to say thats an intro worth paying you for!
darth sidious: but were not paying him!
shockwave: shhh he doesnt know that
im trying to update as fast as i can... anyone help by joining?
you are such an idiot
this was one of my very early comics
September 30th, 2007
my mistake
damn natsume changing the plot all the time!
September 6th, 2007
this harvest moon is a bit confuddled up!
i usually play the ps version which is called back to nature and on that... barley works at the ranch not anns dad...
i think u said that elli works at the buchers a few comics back.
and the other thing is which has nothing to do with the comic part from its harvest moon is that im married to elli X3
whys a picture of karen from harvest moon on?
i think i was fan 342
why did you leave so soon?
i forgot to colour the part where belrai's tail is
i like that first plot
this was a little sprite recolour i did a while back
i changed the sprite colour of silvers blastoise and gave it new looking colours to make it better
i got a shiny stelix on pokemon pearl woohoo
also my tyranitars on pearl