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Head needs contrast, the clothes seem over-shaded. Pants are really fucking tight on some poses.

*kills you*

@Draven22: I'd rather not, seeing as you make the same mistakes.
@Draven22: It's obvious you don't want my help so I won't bother.
@Draven22: But... that's what I have to do to correct the grammar. It's not my fault if you make grammar mistakes, I just point them out. You take this as a rant when it's just a correction.
@Draven22: Pointing every single one SO YOU CAN FIX THEM AND ALSO REMEMBER TO NOT MAKE THEM ON THE NEXT PAGE. Something you always forget to do.
@Draven22: Pointing grammar mistakes so you can fix them is getting crazy with the grammar nazi?
@Draven22: Or maybe they abuse the ban hammer, or maybe they banned me loooooong ago.
@Draven22: But I'm not doing anything bad.
@Draven22: Holy shit, I already said it was me. You all keep thinking I'm trying to keep it as secret -.-
@Razielll: Nope.

@TeamSonicPrez: Syeed's acting like he always does~
@Draven22: Fusion brought it up, not me.
@Fusion Kirby: She was aware that it wasn't her art and she even said she stole it.
@CodyFinn:So your excuse is just you being lazy? Yeah-..No

Lazyness doesn't make you put a bad font when you have good fonts, and those aren't drawn fonts; I can recognize Anime Ace there. And you put a box because you can't draw the text? Then how come that the high quality text doesn't have that box whereas the normal does? You didn't draw the high quality fonts.
Why is it that whenever I see that pose it looks like if the character has an arm sticking out of his crotch?
Honestly, it's hard to believe you made this.

First, there's a white box around the text that is brighter than the speech bubble palette, which means you could have pasted the text over the speech bubbles.

Secondly, the font changes into higher quality ones in some parts, which leads me to believe you left some parts of the original text, either because you couldn't remove it or because you wanted the comic to look cool