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i'm a geek,nerd, & a mixure of darkness & light.

hobbies: yugioh, pkmn, digimon, & more
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    Shadow D Moon
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time for a good ol Texas Funeral
@RazorD9 actually, the smallest bug pokemon, joltik, is smaller then that spider and stands at 4in/10cm
@JovanW almost over you mean, summer ends on September 22.
i doubt the scyther was eaten, to fast for the human eye to track and its blades can slash though logs. the tongue would be cut off before it sound even grab it
took me a good bit off time, but it looks like i have caught up with this one.
@Tenka: its worse then understanding, it actually wants to go out with a bang
@Guest: 1987, one of the 4kids ones or 2012?
this is exactly why residential placements don't work, you put a bad kid around a bunch of other bad kids and all it dose it make the kid worse.
its even worse when it was a kid who was more or less falsely accused of various crimes due to someone bulling her and lying to the cops, teachers, ect.
if anyone belongs in a jail, its you gary.
you made her what she is.
@Debin Of Uko: nah, darkrai is more freddy kruger then satan
@eworm: i always assumed that kanto was an area of the pokemon world where its always just spring to summer time weather much like san diago, oahu, el paso are in real life.
not to mention that seasons seem to work diffrently in the pokemon world given that the only place that has seasons changing is unova and there it changes every 3 months
@Nashew @BorderWolf makes you wonder if those who can see the goddesses can also see a show pokemons aura
and caught up again, lost track of this one for about a year and a half
stars are one hell of a drug
i'm with the bug on this
that kid will either be born with all kinds of health problems or it will be born a real chuck norris.
can't say i blame her.
@TheGrazyFeather never expected to see a link to sandra and woo here.
personally i would have just told her it was some cake for later on & have one of the goons replace it with cake later on. keep it a secret & get some cake. too wins & no need for curiosity.
time for a barbecue!!!