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i'm a geek,nerd, & a mixure of darkness & light.

hobbies: yugioh, pkmn, digimon, & more
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    Shadow D Moon
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@Nashew @BorderWolf makes you wonder if those who can see the goddesses can also see a show pokemons aura
and caught up again, lost track of this one for about a year and a half
stars are one hell of a drug
i'm with the bug on this
that kid will either be born with all kinds of health problems or it will be born a real chuck norris.
can't say i blame her.
@TheGrazyFeather never expected to see a link to sandra and woo here.
personally i would have just told her it was some cake for later on & have one of the goons replace it with cake later on. keep it a secret & get some cake. too wins & no need for curiosity.
time for a barbecue!!!
@constant_boredom & @yehram im one of those people you do meet in a dark ally way... still im not at jaspers level of craziness...yet.... i like to make things fall into chaos & destruction, then sit back & watch all hell break lose.
♪life in the fast lane! it can make you lose your mind!♪
haswell - maxwell
was someone thinking of a real-life speculated alien event while naming their nerdy fanboy character?
bystanders: target practice
i cant stop laughing....
let the barbecue begin!!!!!!
how do you like your flying girl, crispy or extra crispy?
5 words:this shit just got real!
encyclopedia dramadica, figures that would eventally come up & fits this comic perfectly!
my mad scientist sense is going wild. mad sceintist are always the best charecters, no mater whos side their on! like prof. stein(soul eater), madusa(soul eater) mayuri(bleach), urahada(bleach), kululu(sgt. frog), ect
gail(thinking to herself): what are you hiding jasper?
*green pipe comes out of jasper's head & mini-mario comes out the pipe*
mario: its a me, a-mario!