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i am an open person i like most things honestly aside from the ususal stuf people dont like like evil
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I had to post a coment on this one OH MY GOSH MY FAVORITE PAGE SO FAR!
I must say your work is absoloutly fenominal please i ask you if you get the chance contact me i'd love to work with you and your friend
Love this
Oh man i love this, hey listen I'm getting into cartooning myself i was wondering would you like to do a colab i think it would be awesome ha ha. Plus i know I've been meqaning to work on somthing thats quick and fun to do and publish it and i would love to work with you, you have a great sence of comedy...or i just have a bad one - -.
...BUT THATS NOT THE POINT so whatdda ya say Artners, <--i did that on purpose
Great work, Keep it up
Your skill is even more impressive than last i remember. Remember I'm still am offering the whole artists thing if your interested
I freaking love you, your cherecture OI!!!! freaking awsome!
I will compliment you on your hand yes buhave once again i realy feel you need to tighten up your lining. I feel you could have done a better job on the buterfly
I realy like the opening words but i feel at seeing your next pages you could have done a better job. For this sene i think you need to just tighten up your lines like the bricks for ex
your work is good my sugestion for the look get manga studio 3.0 its quick to use and easier to find what you need i just got it and my work (for an amature tonner) is prety o.k. i'm curenly working well no dabbling around with what looks best for it so if ya get a chance some time come check out my web comic to see what I mean.
Since things are still in the procecing stages I've deided to place pics of some of the cherectures that will be introduced soon. Or later...
AWSOMNESS...Overpowering...self, ..cant resist...the coolness
YES!!! i knew it couldnt just end like that! OH YEAH!!!! in your face bitch!
son of a bitttcchhhh!!! i wanna hit him in the face for those comments, he doesnt desurve that
oh burn i liked the coment he made about Kaoru, that was funny as hell
My god this is just awsome, please dude you have got to do more i mean wow!