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I love art, animals, Japan, music and all kinds of things really. :)
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I knew it!! TT_TT <3
Whaaaat this is so cool!
Myna is warning you now... ***Mature content next page--Violence***
Aw man :c sorry to see the end so soon. thank you for your hard work so far
oh snap! cant wait to see that happen!
@CatzillaDK: your hard work definitely shows! Im excited for more :D
your illustrations are amazing! And the story is quite interesting. I was so taken aback when the ...lizard...people(?) showed up!
Zoe cares about her sister <3
Tobi no one believes your fake 'i care about this' face...oh wait...only Renji is doubtful nvm.

regretted sketching out the neighborhood too tbh. But it didn't take me as long as that school building a few pages ago thank god
When i sketched these pages out I was quite ambitious with that first panel. And when it finally came time to draw it....I was not happy with myself haha. It took me at least 8 hours to make.
Aahh i love drawing an irritated Renji
Tobi... your food is getting cold.
@Biscuit: thank you for clarifying, Biscuit! :D
panel 5 is mood
I may be biased but can I just say I love Zoe? She and Tobi are a special kind of chaos haha
Stirring the pot is Tobi's specialty
Look Tobi, you salty bitch, someone is trying to be nice to you