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I love art, animals, Japan, music and all kinds of things really. :)
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thank you so much for your support. i hope you enjoy this story and these characters as much as i do
he is really good at this!
happy new year to you too!

These two have piqued my curiosity hard. Can't wait to find out more :3
December 20th, 2018
Omg yes pls
Sorry this is late guys! My sister just gave birth and I've been helping out.

I'm really proud of the backgrounds. they were fun to make!
im cryinggg <3 <3
this poor teacher
okay so after the previous page i thought maybe he reacted not realizing who he was hitting but reading this page it upsets me that he punched the shit out of Avery. Like. I get you are severely traumatized but don't do that to your loved ones. :(
November 19th, 2018
i love that last panel so much
oh boy
welcome back! glad your wrist is better.
Who saw it coming lol
renji is so cute in that last panel i swear
Ah Renji you're soooo good at this
backgrounds make me hate life
Welcome back!!!!
@Hawkflame: mine too! :D this comic has me hooked!
Tobi is definitely wondering why Adena didn't get a marker to the face too