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I love art, animals, Japan, music and all kinds of things really. :)
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I am aware that I suck at updating. Thank you for your patience. I have no intention of giving up on this comic even with everything that has happened.

I'm testing out using text. Transfering the image to Publisher reduced the quality of the image. Which makes me angry. Ill figure something out.

I cant believe i spent 130 on publisher to just switch back to writing the text in but here we are haha. Also, I forgot Renji's backpack in that last panel so...fixed! :D
I hate making promises and not keeping them. But I am also relieved that I can make a page nonetheless is page four.
Renji is incredible talented at digging his own grave when he isn't working. When he is relaxed, he does stupid stuff. But I mean I cant blame him for being surprised at someone who looks like Amara.
Yay colored pages! Hope you like it. Let me know what you think!
Tobi in pajamas~ i think that catches me up for now haha.
Everyone meet Myna! :)
I've taken too long to make this. But here is Amara in her pajamas!
Page two! Everyone, Meet Myna. :) She's a friendly young woman who tries to find a friend in everyone.
Woo Hoo!
Thank you for your patience! I'm am back for regularly scheduled pages. There will be a page every friday unitl the chapter is done. But I will also will add pages as soon as possible in between. So I'm aiming for two pages a week but there will at least be one! :D

Its been an interesting week. I dropped a metal vet table on my toe at work and bruised the heck out of it. I'm essentially bedridden so it has a chance to heal. But that means I have plenty of time to draw and play monster hunter world haha.
oooh my heart!
January 23rd, 2018
gasp! how rude!
Chapter End!
took foreevveeerr to make that first panel. but worth it in my opinion.
I hope you hate this guy by now. haha
I'm sure its not a surprise that the bear was a human...right? A particular red-headed human? :D
A photo reference for the bear was used haha cause I can't draw a damn bear by myself to save my life xD
I found it on Pinterest and unfortunately it doesn't lead anywhere but google images. If someone recognizes it, let me know and I will give proper credit. :)
Bruises are a lot of fun to draw. and mangled bodies are fun too though a bit more difficult than you'd think!
Welcome back, Renji....
ooh boy
Meet Damien. He is a major dick.
Sorry for the delay. I hope to have the second chapter finished by the end of the year! :D

And just to give you a heads up, if you cant already tell with the tone of this page, the next few pages (really until the end of the chapter) are gonna be rather dark. But they are important to the story.