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I love art, animals, Japan, music and all kinds of things really. :)
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Aw man :c sorry to see the end so soon. thank you for your hard work so far
oh snap! cant wait to see that happen!
@CatzillaDK: your hard work definitely shows! Im excited for more :D
your illustrations are amazing! And the story is quite interesting. I was so taken aback when the ...lizard...people(?) showed up!
When i sketched these pages out I was quite ambitious with that first panel. And when it finally came time to draw it....I was not happy with myself haha. It took me at least 8 hours to make.
Aahh i love drawing an irritated Renji
Tobi... your food is getting cold.
@Biscuit: thank you for clarifying, Biscuit! :D
panel 5 is mood
I may be biased but can I just say I love Zoe? She and Tobi are a special kind of chaos haha
Stirring the pot is Tobi's specialty
Look Tobi, you salty bitch, someone is trying to be nice to you
@sstogner1: hrrmmm i was always under the impression that he did kill her accidentally but Anwin told him otherwise maybe to bring him some comfort...? Either way this whole thing is really cool.

I wonder if they just gain more 'voices' if that happens rather than replacing the first one!
so i could be wrong but it seems to me that the frist person the brothers kill (intentionally or not) get absorbed...? am i late on this lol.

either way how lucky that richie absorbed someone who loves him.
thank you so much for your support. i hope you enjoy this story and these characters as much as i do
I loved my daily strawberry milk, thank you very much!
Tobi darling you need to chill with the fantasies