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Dizzy Dragonfly
Student; loves webcomics; loves dreaming; would make her own webcomic but can't draw well enough; thinking about making a webcomic without pictures (webnovel?); loves kitty cats; hates webcomics on hiatus or abrubtly discontinued; art snob (only likes reading pretty comics--some exceptions for good stories); grammar snob (tries but just cannot read comics with a ton of grammar mistakes--even if the art is pretty); shoujo comic fan; not a big yaoi fan; etc. etc.

I can help with grammar problems, fixing plot holes and discrepancies, and phrases in foreign languages: I'm best with German, pretty good with Spanish but don't know a lot of the slang and colloquialisms, and my French is meh. Like I said, I'd love to make my own webcomis, but can't draw well enough. So if you can draw but can't write well, maybe we could work together! ^_^
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That girl has booty!
I'm really looking forward to this comic! Awesome job!
Wizard? Warlock? Sorcerer? Magician? <--male forms of magic doers
Hahahahahaha. I love it. I wonder how many gay boys I'm responsible for...
Haha, nice. Bucephalus sounds like an STD. Haha. That's kinda how my cat was named. We thought he was a girl at first and since he's black with a white stripe down his face, we named him Flower after the skunk in Bambi (which was in fact a boy). Then we found out he was a he and my dad wanted to name him Peppy le Peu (sp), which of course, my mom wouldn't stand for. Put'em together and what'dyou got? Pepper. Pimpest cat name evar.
Hahahahaha. Hysterical. I love it!
"Maybe... I DO wanna be a french fry." "?... Well... Maybe you do."
Nooooooo!!! That bitch-whore! I'ma slap a ho if she steals Tosiro!
Siiisteeer??? Nooo!!! I wanted them to get together. ::pout:: Well, at least there's always Toshiro...
I knew it!! XD
I'm so confused! Why aren't these the same names as on the character page??? Wah!!
Just how old is Ishi?
...I'm rather confused.

But I still laughed. My roommate snorts sometimes.
"Bitch. Do you know WHO I AM?!"
"Queeck! Summon jour eagle powhers!"
I love this comic. You use humor quite well.
WTF WHAT?!?!?!
So I guess Ivy and her brothers don't have ears quite as long as full elves... Is that the only way you can tell half-elves and full-elves apart?