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I joined this place on October 27, 2011, and I refuse to leave. I try to be the adult in the room whenever possible, and I keep out of the flame wars. While I resist fire, I still don't like it much. Joking aside, I will also try to be nice to everyone I meet, including noobs, and I hope that we can be friends.
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@.:AuraX:.: Well, this is just to avoid confusion.
@imadoofus: Nah. Just my main character.
I will need to change my stuff with Author Comics, but yeah. Hello! So I switched accounts because I figured it made more sense to be known as my author character.
I don't know what to post.
Darkeh...bad boy! Sit! Roll over!
@Ryjora: Coolio! I'm actually interested in this one, unlike KDT.
@Blue Kirby the l33t: Welcome to the world of shipping Blue. Yes, those are more official, but that doesn't mean these things won't pop up. I remember when I hated MuddyXFoxpuff: now, I don't care.
I REALLY need to post something, but I can't think of something funny. I'm planing on Muddy dropping in at the worst time somehow.
Muddy: Please don't. I don't like getting hit by canes.
Sexiest of all.
@foxpuff: Too bad. Waluigi Ti--*shot*
We only torture whom we love. We all torture you. Therefore, we love you--*shot*
Implying video game girls CAN'T be sexy.

That's just mean, Ness. Apologize to the video game girls. :3
Wait, wasn't there a decimal place after 206? Whatever, it won't affect the logistics behind it.
Dude. This is awesome.
Well, it's official.
Shard's gonna die. :3
@King_Rover: So true.
@.:AuraX:.: And thus she denied it. ;_;