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I thing zana should wear an orange shirt and jeans but that's just my opinion.
Here's another one of my comics that looks bad but is interesting.
Can you request a certain one of your forms to talk to?
@IwillbenapoPRODUCTIONS: Whats the name of that comic because I will read it!
Even though i can ask you this in real life,where is that blank place you are in?
@Muddykip64: the last thing you said was T.R.U.E!
I remember that msn conversation!
Why are you a mix of 3 different things (kirby,cat,and tails)? I like it ,but why?
All I have is the regular paint program so my comicish things aren't so good.
Sorry about the size. I dont know how to change that
so yah.........enjoy my comic type things.
That's ok. Can i have a cool hat too? Not gigi's though. Another cool hat
I love gigi's hat but not THAT MUCH!
Where is the icecream shop?