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A ninja does not tell others about himself.
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What ever it is you need to start kicking it!
I was right!
I bet that was a yeti!
So I'll take that as a yes then.
Maidens get all sorts of special powers, is there some sort of equivalent for guys?
*snort* Bwahahahahaha!!!
This has to be the best WM page so far.
Aw, Melody's not setting any thing on fire...
Salami seems to only affect girls, is it a male siren?
Everyone been calling salami "it".
I don't see Melody, is she doing something naive\funny again?
Oh, and nice reflexes Moth...
Yay updates!
Also,for Lent I'm giving up my big list of webcomics I read and I'm only letting myself read what can fit on my bookmark bar.
This comic was one of the first I put on. ^-^
Soooo.... it's been a week, have you finished your project and gotten ready to go back to the M/W/F update schedule yet? please?
And thus is another door sent back to the abyss! HA HA HA!
I do hereby officially take note of and appreciate the gratuitous effort in the third panel.
Down with Dante!
Cause he's hard to read (harder than Shakespeare even).
Salami armor, heh.
But no libraries! Horror!
Happy Birthday Frosty! er.. I mean Salami!
Hooray for complications!

And pencil! I like pencil!
I really like this page, kinda sketchy AND in color! A little too dusty though... if there was some wind it would make sense.

And it IS an awesome egg.
Okay, that job I do not want.
Also, yay sketchy-ness!
Ooo color!
And style-shift!
I still like the first style best though...
If you think those eyebrows are weird...