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@Alterna: Sparkle sparkle. :)
Thank you for the feedback ^_^
@Johng298: Ah yes thank you, I seem to have an issue with spelling apparently ... #'_'#

I could attempt to filter things through a spell checker but I don't think those things are fool proof, that and I'm somewhat concerned about involving others into my "brain child". I'm uncertain what else I can do in order to accommodate for that.

I appreciate the constructive feed back and criticism because it will help me improve and make a better product. Though I'm worried I'll receive some harsh feedback because I don't want to end up going to bed bawling my eyes out. :S
I wonder how these TV Tropes things get started. Do creator have some motivation behind building them or do various readers build them because the web comic is relatively popular. This one isn’t … obviously …
Believe it or not thing's are happening, I just recently finished all the outlines for this issue ... the annual ... the next step would be to add things like frames and text for the rest of the pages and basically finish it up. At some 100 odd pages the annual is probably my most ambitious web-comic venture to date ... technically ... in certain ways ... I should make a posting about my process.
I know it kind of seems like I'm not actually doing anything but trust me when I say this, that's not actually the case. It's just that I'm sort of ... busy ...

Here is what my schedule generally looks like ...

And here is a list of projects and tasks I'm working on which are organized ... somehow ...

I've come to understand that it's not healthy to bounce between different projects like this because inevitably what ends up happening is that you never get anything done. It's better to choose a finite number of projects like maybe 1 or 2 and see them through to some level of completion. I still struggle a bit with that.

Believe it or not the Annual is almost finished, because It's called an annual it shouldn't take a year to do :/ I think it's like 1/4 of the entire web-comic which is a bit ridiculous @_@.

After the annual I swear I will get into the high school arc and cover the how's and why's Sophia ends up in the state she ended up in.
I have one word for everyone ... Mass Effect: Andromeda ... well I guess that's 3 words.
Here comes a new challenger!!!
Oh shoot, there is no text here ... um ... yeah, this is a new character they'll play a pivotal role in the story.

Her name is Naomi Li ... and ... she ... well I guess that's all I got to say about that. If you want to know more guess you will have to wait and see.

I'm trying to come back from hiatus, going on hiatus was basically the worst decision I've ever made in this webcomic ever. Because when you are in the midst of it, it's like you have this pattern, this rhythm going. Even the development of the story there is a pattern, a rhythm.
When you stop you break the pattern, break the rhythm, then everything goes to s***. All of a sudden it takes twice as long to work on it than it would have originally taken you and the quality of the work goes down a toilet too. If I were to compare it to driving a car, it would be like constantly hammering the breaks as your trying to drive (you know those stereotypical scenes where the person can't drive ...).

So my advice for anyone endeavoring to webcomic ... DON'T HIATUS!!! Nothing will kill a webcomic faster or more easily than a hiatus. Starting up again is way harder than just going straight through.
OOOOooooou!!! that's going to leave a mark.
Am I back? ... no not quite yet. ^^;;
@ArtistXXY: Much appreciated. One day I'll come back to this and complete it ... I think ... I hope ...(or perhaps this is the beginning of the end 'dun dun DUUUN!!!')
@ArtistXXY: Yup, I totally agree.
@ArtistXXY: It's more like laziness, doing a page like this is like ... well its almost like doing 2 or 3 pages in one because of the composition and so many characters.
@Mad_Max: The way I saw it the Rango character had a bit of an identity crisis like he wanted to have/embody one type of status a higher status type character but instead he had more of a lower status and had low self esteem and was … emulating a higher type or something. The movie seemed to toy around with different types of … the higher and lower status of various characters.

But it’s been a while since I saw the movie I may have missed something
@Mad_Max: Think so? ... hmmm ... think maybe that iguana character from Ringo would have suited me more. But I guess Marvin isn't too far off.
@Mad_Max: Lol, yeah it's a big mess. I keep stopping and thinking, "maybe it would be better if I did it 'THIS WAY.'" Then I'll go back and edit it, then edit it again -_-;; ... I'm working on it. ^^;;
@Mad_Max: Yeah ... I'm working on it. -_-;; I really need to go back and fix this stuff. T_T
@Solar: Wow thanks, that's actually quite an endorsement; I'm flattered and completely speechless.
@Xcubed: This makes no sense, I've virtually abandoned this comic but my stats haven't changed by much ...

Man I really need to go back and edit the hell out of this thing. T_T
Ok this doesn't make sense. I've basically gone on hiatus, I haven't updated in a while, ye my states haven't changed all that much. If anything I seem to have acquired a couple more favourites. I'm Still contributing to the other comic, once I'm done with this particular issue maybe ill post it here just to show what I've been working on and why I haven't really had an update in ... how long has it been? ... months? Then after that's done I plan to go back and do some editing of this web-comic because ... it's in shambles ... it has issues ... I'll be the first to admit, some parts are kinda weird and don't make sense. so I'll try to edit it a bit organize it a bit, and see if I can finish off this annual ... annual XD

yes ... I hate to say this but ... hiatus ...

P.S. Witcher 3 is awsome (I know, for shame, don't have time for things like that -_-;;)