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Eat me death
I am a teenage, male half-breed (half human, half kitsune-demon) otaku (fan of video games, manga, and anime), and the kitsune demon king.

Likes: Videogames, Bleach (manga), Gin Tama, Saiyuki, Naruto, Shaman King, Lucario, Super Smash Bros. series, Star Fox series, vixens, Kingdom Hearts series, Yuri (girl love), Renamon, Krystal, Sakura, Blaze, Lirin (she's funny), food, Cho Hakkai, Cloud Strife,Shikamaru Nara (he sorta reminds me of um... me), Yoh Asakura, nads hitting jokes, bacon, Call of Duty: World at War,and RAMEN!

Dislikes: Yaoi (boy love), that jerk off Zeke, Itachi Uchiha, Orochimaru, seafood, Homura (he's also a jerkoff), that godmodder Sephiroth, fat jokes,... the rest I do not like to say.

Brawl friend code: 4897-6108-0642
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    Riakozu Hatakari: the Kitsune Demon King
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Getting banned just for a poem?? Is this the Soviet Union or something like that?!
JL, can please tell me how you got banned?
Why the hell did JL get banned for?! That's not right, THIS IS BLASPHEMY!!!
That guy... is just... messed up... times like this that I wondered, why I once had a weight problem myself.
My (and JL's) favorite blue furred vixen, Krystal, need I say more?
That almost looks like a spaceship... not to be rude or anything.
When are you going to update again, JL?
Sorry JL, I got carried away...
Yeah, my favorite song was Aerith's theme... that was really depressing when she got killed... damn you Sephiroth!
I was trying to disprove True Mercha, FF7 was an awsome game, and he has no right to say it's a horrible game, saying that FF7 is a horrible game is like calling Ocarina of Time horrible! Both were timeless classics!

... I should've said that first shouldn't I... damn, I can be such a dumbass at times.
DAMN!!! That's one epic blade!
Okay, the last two boxes... were funny!
Aw man, in Kingdom Hearts, it's hard just to hit that mo-fo, it's even worse in Kingdom Hearts II in which he makes Xaldin and Xemnas combined look like pussies.
Urrgh, I hate Seph, not only did he soul-lessly killed Aerith in FFVII, he's also a total pain in the ass when you're fighting him.
Oh wait, this ain't weed... it's..... PEEEELLLLLLSSSS!!!! Damn, that'd be really strange if I started looking like Louis.

P.S. JL I didn't know you had weed, I just actually use ground up maple leaves and pretend it's weed, my parents would kill me if they actually caught me with weed. I'm also on medication right now, the medicine I'm taking causes me to halucinate, and makes me believe I'm on weed, weird isn't it.
Did I take weed? I guess so...
Possibly go for a Cloud alt., or a Kilik alt. for the 101st alt.
*shoots godmoderncommander*

What's your prob?! If he says its dissapointing, he's saying it for a good reason!!!
Oh s**t, it's the pedobear! I bet all hell would break loose if the pedobear crossed paths with the gravity cat.