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Logan Cloud
I'm just your average white boy, who likes to pretend he's Japanese.
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You guys too? Ugh... I thought BSN was the only place I'd have to sit through this.
This is EXACTLY what happened to me haha. Dog and everything.

And no need to apologize for being late. You don't owe us anything. If you forget you forget. No big deal. :)
Is that a "Hiimdaisy" avatar you got there sir?

And also, Hawke has the most glorious bit of man hair the world has ever seen.
I'm sorry, I love your comics, but I've got nothing but Liara T'soni on the brain right now.

Unhealthy Bioware obsession is unhealthy. @_@
Aw poor Fenris haha. He has issues with moving on, apparently lmao.
Ohmygod! I love your comics, and they make me laugh to no end, but I'm throwing DA:O into a ditch for the time being, as ME3 is my new baby, and- AND!

... And I would make an awful parent wouldn't I?
I wear the leather armour with the Red Dawn hood. Does that count?
@zenat: Sorry to hear about that. I hope everything's going ok. :3

Although, if you've got problems I'd still recommend BSN. There are some great people there. My friends on there are like a family. :D
Great job (as usual!)

Are you guys excited for ME3? I've been playing multiplayer with my friends on the Bioware Social Network, and it's super fun!

Speaking of, I dunno if you get on BSN at all, but it's pretty awesome. Especially for someone like me who has no life. XD
You guys should check it out sometime. (But not the forums. That's the bad side lol.)
I made a comic like this in my notebook haha! XD

I always thought the old dude dreaming about me was quite awkward... :I
Well of course they don't notice! Have you watched the bodies? They either explode, or dissolve instantly! THERE'S NO EVIDENCE! DX

Also, I love your new picture! :3
@zenat: I'm not gay, or even bi... But if Sassy Gay Hawke has taught me anything... Gay is the REAL way to play! XD
Hooray for ME3 having s/s relationships! :D

I'm so making a gay Shepard now. :I
I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit. It'd be nice to see more if that's possible.

*Is totally posting this WAY to late* XD
@zenat: Ah, well congrats then! :D
That sounds fun! :D

Also, I stumbled across some interesting fanfiction involving the Arishok, and instantly thought of you. XD

My innocent eyes! I can't unsee! >.>
@Amare: What happened to the banner on your guys' comics? The one with Hawke and FemHawke on it... It's gone! D:

Also, I finally beat DA2 as a sarcastic Hawke... My life is now complete. :D
Sluts of the Empire eh? Sounds like a fine job! :D

Thank you for posting these. I had a pretty awful day yesterday, but this has greatly enhanced my mood. :3
*Is still going strong with this meme to his friends displeasure* XD