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I'm a writer/scientist/warrior. I don't make sense so you shouldn't feel bad if you didn't understand that first sentence. Anyway, I write the webcomic moonshine, go check it out. I've heard it's funny.
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different version
I played the N64 harvest moon, also known as the /best/ harvest moon. and in that one lillia was popuri's mom, and that's popuri there.
that's crafty, sneaking exposition in by having the character doing a paper.
delayed, not dead
sorry for dropping the ball there. Remember, we won't go a month without updating at the real site. So go to if you need your fix.
Double Entendre
I was a bit worried with this strip, the reference isn't that transparent, but look at the title, the definition of a double entendre is a term that in fact refers to another object. Like a euphemism. What is grass another name for?
can you blame them?
Seriously, Sentia's freaking amazing at chibi.