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If anyone for some reason would look at my profile and read this..

My name is Anton Jonsson and I am from sweden.

Working on varius projects that you hopefully will enjoy!

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    Anton jonsson
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@Burak: I don´t have a blog and I have been inactive on this site for almost a year. =/
@Carlos: Hehe, thank you , but don´t waste your time on this, I made it years ago and it´s not very good. :D
Why does the goblin speak like a pirate? :P
When I started to draw some pages to this comic I experimented alot with lightning and shadowing, I have been able to better myself atleast a bit since I drew this page.
However you might be the judge of that :)
Oh god,

I didnt realise it what it was untill I read the comment, but now I see it.
Its glorious!

What about shadows?

hell yeah!
Perhaps it became a bit to fast phased inbetween the second and the third panel.
I´ll let you viewers (how few there are) be the judge of that however. =P
Still utterly confused.
still intriged and curious =D
I first thought the markings was native to her race and that ment there were others of her kin on earth. But I guess I have to take your wall of text´s word for it. =P
I have always wondered how peanuts could play pool without having hands or arms..
Love the work with shadows on the last couple of pages!
But this comic leaves me a bit clueless in what going on =P
Interesting in seeing the continuating thought.
Cowboys verus pokemons?

Hope there will be many more to come :D
May I ask why there hasent been any more of these brilliant pages in 14 days?

You are making me worried man.
The little comic I threw togheter should have arrived in your mail by the time you read this :D
If I were to do a guest strip, can I pick whatever pokemon I desire or should I pick the next one in line?
January 9th, 2012
Just a tip from my point of view,
Try to add different poses to the people and make their eyes look at the one they are talking to, makes it easier to follow whats going on. =)
Wow, After looking through a few of your comics I am really impressed by your art style, it´s detailed but still haves a simplicity to it.
It looks awesome and the jokes land often enough.
keep up the good work mr. ( or mrs for all I know)

sincerly a new fan
Doesent the mushroom grow out of the ants head killing them?

( the real life ant mushroom team up )