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Yeah, I'm probably gonna be bouncing between different characters a LOT.

For the record, all of them come from a largely anarchy-ridden world that a massive force of robots tore apart centuries ago. Just, y'know, a bit of perspective because an eight-year-old girl likely wouldn't have a chance in hell surviving on her own WITHOUT the help of dozens of supernatural ghost buddies.
Whoajeez I'm here now

I'm just gonna assume this is how things need to go and try to keep it up best I can until the world explodes I guess
That's some awfully brown and lumpy looking water!
Kinda looks like a Megaman Zero/ZX stage.

...Ssssssort of.
Fifty gold doubloons on the short one!
Eh, the wallpaper on that one was ugly, anyway. Destroying it was for the best.
Building off of what Tex said, that Diamond Storm thing is just... There. I assume you tried to blur it to make it look like it was moving, but it ended up being really hard to see. To the point of having to do a double take to figure out exactly what's going on.

And for some reason, the part where Rao launched it and the part where it connected with Blue-Ray were totally omitted. I also have no idea why the view needs to keep switching between the two of them when they're literally just a few feet away from each other.

I could go on to gripe about the commentary, but I'll wait a few more comics to see if it's just the character.
@Porky: A little. Most of it is Claptrap from Borderlands, or at least that's what originally inspired him. Of course, he ended up being more like GIR anyway, but that wasn't what I intended. Not that it's a bad thing, GIR's awesome.

He's not quite as blatantly stupid, though. Just happy and enthusiastic. And, you know, competent.
Oh look at that, I actually decided to make an account.

Hi. I made AJ and submitted this comic from the MG. Can't wait to see how this tournament will turn out.