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Hi *waves* ^^ My name is Mizu (as far as you know). I am Caucasian, not Japanese (though I wish I were ><) I love to draw and have been drawing since I was 11 and began drawing/tracing Digimon characters XD Yes, that's how I learned. The person who got me into drawing and anime? My older sister, and I love her for it because I realize that I love to draw and I love anime and everything about it. Why did I make a webcomic? Because it was fun, and I've heard a lot about people getting really popular and even getting published from webcomics. So I've decided to try it, and I know that I will get better and better, it's only a matter of time ^^
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Wow sorry bout this! Major lateness of page. Funny thing is, I had the page ready about a month ago, it was the scanner that was broken. But I figured out a way to scan it without pressing the annoying button that doesn't work on the scanner!
I will TRY- try being the main word- to get pages out every so often, but I am graduating this year and have exams/rehearsals for an upcoming play so yes- I am super busy. Please have patience like you've already shown and keep reading~
November 10th, 2008
Sorry its a day late, was busy yesterday, but I had it done! I swear! :P I will try my darndest do get one out next week, Im almost done this volume! Exciting!
November 3rd, 2008
Sorry this is so late- my comp got a virus and I had to take it in! I've actually had this page done for like 2 weeks now- I really have!! So sorry bout that... I will try to have one this Sunday, just need to outline and shade. Sorry for keeping you waiting!! Enjoy~
October 12th, 2008
Sorry Im a week late. Ive been super busy lately with grade 12 and everything. I will try my best to get a page out every Sunday, but no promises, something may come up from time to time. Anyways enjoy~
September 28th, 2008
Zomg so sorry this is like.. 3 weeks late XD First I got a nasty cold and didn't have the energy to finish the page. And the next week (this week) my computer broke down and it just got fixed! So here we go.. little late, but still her! XD Sorry again. I will try to get back next Sunday (super busy lately). Enjoy~
September 7th, 2008
I got paper! Yay XD Sorry that this page is kinda confusing and has many spelling errors- must've been drunk or to into TV while drawing this XD In the fourth panel, Tsuki says, "... and deal with Takashi." I think I put 'don't' instead and tried to fix it XD Didn't quite work. And in the seventh panel, Tsuki says "Just a slight barrier to keep the snow, and people, out of the way..." I think I just put "of of the way" XD Again, mustve been drunk or something. And sorry that the panels and everything is so confusing XD And wow, page 69 already, I'm almost done this volume! So exciting! That much closer to my fave volume (three, still kinda far away I guess..). Anyways, aside from the spelling errors and panel confusion, try to enjoy and I will be back next Sunday (hopefully, if I get time to do this now in my last year of high school :O) <3~
August 18th, 2008
Sorry it's a little late, my printer ran out of ink and apparently nothing else- including the scanner- works without ink? O_o But better late than never right? Anyways, enjoy~
August 10th, 2008
Yay I got it done ^^ Im proud of myself XD Did it in like 2 days. And Yoru was in the forest.. though it doesnt quite look like a forest XD So enjoy~
August 7th, 2008
Aww you're so sweet ^_^ Can't wait for your update too <3~
August 6th, 2008
Hiii! Omg sorry this is so late >< Chapter pages always take longer and I've been fairly busy lately... Im the worst colourer ever XD Art class didn't help at all! Well it helped with other things.. pencil crayons suck >< I wish I knew how to use a tablet quickly enough to get these out.. Oh wells. You'll just have to deal with this for now! Maybe in the future I will try- TRY- to use the computer.. *gulp*. My worst nightmare.. technology hates me..
Anyway! I will get the next page out on Sunday definitely! I've already drawn it, just need to outline/shade. Im in a drawing mood lately~! ^_^ Enjoy and I shall be back Sunday~
Haha yeah, but thats the last youll see of Kyoku and Jin till next volume :O Im almost done this one!~ So crazy.
Haha I did it! Its 11:30pm, but its still Sunday technically! XD I kinda hurried on this one, so sorry if its kinda sloppy. My vacation was lovely, very sunny and hot ^^ But its back to work now :P So enjoy.
P.S. I didnt draw Rei in the last panel cause I got lazy XD
Thanks for being patient and sticking around~ ^^
Haha patience :P

And yes, Chesh, cause Kyoku's such a player XD I guess it.. kinda looks like a bed. But who'd read a menu in bed? XD Unless it was room service I guess. Hmm, I guess I couldve put some glasses or something to make it look more like a table ><
Yay I gots it out ^^ And I got new pens!! So exciting. I hardly had to press hard while using them at all!! Love ittt. Anyways. I will be on yet another short trip on Friday till next Sunday. So I will try my best to get some pages out. They may be late or on random days. But try to be patient.
Haha yes, they found him in one page! Yay! XD Hes just a random kid they bumped into and she happens to reel him in! XD Didnt you read Natsu's awesome plan? :P
And yes, Takashi is a sick perv :P Was it really a joke Takashi?! Hmmm?!!?
Muahahah! I got it! Its slightly late, but I did it on the day of! Yay! Im proud of myself XD I did it on my vacation! Pft, shows how much I love you all :P My.. 3 fans XD. Hazaa! Haha I was like on vacation wondering if I coloured in Jin's hair- his name is Jin by the way XD. I figured it out when I got home and looked at my char bios. Its slightly lighter than the bio cause I already have a guy with super dark hair (Tsuki). But here he is xD
And Im sorry for drawing Kyoku's panties in the last panel! I was trying to find a way not to, then figured out while I was shading that I could shade it dark- duh! Too late for that.. but I tried to show the least of it! It.. kinda works.. XD Im sorryyy~~
Haha thanks Chesh and Niffy. Yes, maybe she DID eat too much chocolate, damn us females with our chocolate addictions! XD

Ches: Haha Im not THAT good... yet!! >=D And no, its only gonna focus on her for like 3 pages haha XD I needed to fill up space. Yay side characters!

And thank yas! Im backs now and will update sometime tonight when I get cleaned up xD
Horray, I got this one done too! ^_^ And since Im going on vacation for a week, I shall get the other one done while on that vacation. I don't get back until Sunday (I have no idea when) so don't worry if its not on until late Sunday or early Monday!
And sorry for making Kyoku's hips so big in the bottom panel XD Just kinda happened. Anyways, I shall see you all next Sunday when I get back! Enjoy~
Haha I know, he's all mysterious. And if it doesn't make sense that he randomly wants to kill Takashi, it will later on! XD
Hazaa! I got it out, sorry it was a little late. I was out all day with my sis yesterday and was having scanner problems after. But I conquered them! XD Even in the summer I can't get things out on time. Well I shall try to have another out by Sunday! I will probably try to update 2 days a week now after my family vacation at the beginning on July. So look out for update changes in the beginning of July! Enjoy~