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things i like:videogames,nukes, guns, explosions, etc.
things i dislike:people who don't know something the 1st time, noobs,ETC.
Motto: keep going untill you can't take it!
info:I never knew how to make comics,so if anyone knows where i can find any sprites,message me and i may make something.doesnt matter what it is.
Also, I don't know hot to draw,let alone how to on a computer.
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Ideas for Gummi Flavors
i think i could name different flavors for each gummy thats in PMD:EoT/EoD/EoS
(G = Gummy)
White G: vanilla
Red G:spicy cinimon.
Blue G: BlueBerry
Grass G: Mint plant (i ate a leaf once and its not that bad, just like eating any leaf veggie or herb)
yellow G: sour lemon
Clear G: um...Vodka? lol
Orange G:...Orange?
Pink G: cotton candy
Brown G: Chocolate
Sky G: Pina Colada (Virgin(without alcohol) or normal)
Gold G: i would say cream soda, but i think thats what Jelly Belly(R) uses.
Green G: tea(preferred green or normal)
Gray G: margarita
Purple G: grape
Royal G: pomegranate
Black G: coffee
Silver G: coconut
Wonder G: +15 IQ points for this one so i guess a mystery flavor or a "super sugar" gummi as I call it.
This is what I came up with for each gummi flavor. I hope you like the idea.
PS: i would ask to be in the comic but since i forgot to finish my fiction and i cant draw i dont know if you could draw me as a pokemon (which is a Riolu with a left mechanical arm, which in all my fictions, can let me do different elemental moves of almost all types basically all eevee's evolution types...
too much
I wish you luck with the comic. wish me luck with my fanfiction.
(._.) Random dude due to boredom
o/\ /\o>
/ \
about that elemental warrior thing...
lets just say that i got the "pokemon" elements. Still working on the story line(got to get school done an all.)
[Hint: what type is your team's pokemon.]
spoiler i made a new evolution.
you know what i mean. but guess the new one is.
the Elemental warrior is here!
i wish i was in this.i would love to join the team.
by the way i call myself in a story im making "the elemental warrior". i'm a riolu in the Pokemon demensions with a robotic left arm.
@ookami_mangetsu: already did by the way your doing great. kee it up. and im know that im right with the evolution.
huh? spark is evolving......
congratulation! your Spark as evolved into an Ampharos!
i wish i was in it.
if i knew how to draw Pokemon, i would like to be in this comic.:*(
ilike the whay its going so far?
@ookami_mangetsu:what do you mean by that?
also, a question/request...
when you do Frozen Island,will you be doing guest trainers?if so can i be in it.
though, I can't draw, so i need help with my character, and i can tell you what my team would be.but what would be the catch?
to much adult thoughts
......I just thought of furry $3x when i heard "mate"...i wonder what that would be like... wierd huh.probily to much adult stuff my brother showed me when i turned 18 before he left.
don't ask.
Also Happy New Year Everyone!
let me guess she's a shiny i right?
and now, a dramatic scene starts here.
evalolutions from 1st -3rd
i choose vaporeon,glaceon and leafeon.
@gemma: i bet its a legendary pokemon.i know its late but its just a guess.anyone else agree?
my rating...
10/10.syther took 9000+, OVERKILL!
thats what i hear in the background.