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I am Rapter, I am a cartoonist in training.
I have been working on a sprite comic for over a year.

I have started to create my own sprites and I have started to create MD sprites for the Generation 5 Pokemon.

I have a deviantart accound called: Dark-Rapter.
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If you create a team to help others, why would you name the team, "Meanies".
No one would ask for your help.
8 days, I took longer.
Also I just caught up to your latest page.
If you were expecting to see Crimson battle an endless line of Eevee, I'm sorry. Here's a Double Battle instead.
When I had Platinum, I used to use the Radar so much; it's a shame that the Radar is not in any other games.
Anyway, next page will be a little more exposition and some info on the Radar mechanics.
This is the last batch of comics. Once page 83 is up. There will be no updates for today. And this site will be caught up with DrunkDuck.
@Bliss: No, these comics were originally posted on DrunkDuck. But a friend of mine advised me to create an account here. These pages took me around a year to get up to this point.
The New SmackJeeves Branch
Thanks you for reading my comic.
This is an ongoing comic that I have been working on.
First, I like to thanks you for reading my comic.

Second, the first chapter were made a year ago and are inferior to the pages that I've created in future pages. Improvements include new font, better battle graphics, and bubbles.