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ComiPo! manga artist. Traditional artist. Anime & drama addict. Gamer girl. Musician. Stylist. Photographer. Not a Pokemon.
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Aries girl reads something "bad" about herself on a site from her phone... and here comes the madness! >.<
irl friends
my two close IRL friends! whenever we first see each other, we greet each other with "hey, betch!"
Two versions of myself!?
so i yell quite a lot irl. i'm pretty damn loud LOL xD so that girl shiki is that part of me, the "psycho".
that guy jin is a "perv" and... yea. me too, with my 2 closest friends, i can be very open about how i feel.
@rave917: because that's me and people call me that too even irl xD and thanks :)
introduction to the cat ears and...?
so, eevee (me) bought cat ears one day, wore them on her head... and is now apart of her! or maybe sucking the life out of her!?
then her thoughts come to life... in some way.
i mean ken, I hate you!
woops change the title LOL
it's Ken, I hate you! now!
The first page of ken, my rival!
Gonna start with the character Ken and his relationship with Rin. First page!
Name change
So, now her name is Rin instead of just Heroine. She was changed from someone doing horribly in class to someone who is decently smart... but wants to be smarter than the smartest in class.
The heroine of the story
Right now, the heroine of the story is supposed to be a ... hmmm ... lazy heroine? Someone who needs anger management?
... But acts cute at the same time!?
Only in her sleep!
Hey guys! This is the study with me! cover.
Truth is...! This is a work in progress novel I'm trying to make. I feel it's so much easier to get my ideas out when I make a comic first!
So, here it is!

The characters as of now:
Heroine (protagonist), Teacher, Best friend, Popular guy, Bookworm, Clean freak, Childhood friend, Brother

Hopefully, I can come up with real names the more I make comics!
THE END. byebye mr. teddy
oh wait, there's a new mr. teddy!
WELL it's goodbye anyway!
odd jobs?
so in the first panel/second it's a picture from the anime gintama again
no more, .mr. teddy!
in the last two panels, the backgrounds are from the anime Gintama! LOL :D
hallucinating mr. teddy
too many bears
part 2 of fly mr. teddy
page 63
who is this mysterious person? ;o chance encounter!?
virtual boyfriend part three! FINALLY.
after so long (kind of), i've decided to continue VB. i'm just changing up the story. more like... the pages i've already done and haven't turned in don't matter anymore.

i'll probably improvise a bit, so it's possible that the story might not make sense LOL

but i will hope to update more often. a bit busy lately.
the disappearance of Mr. Teddy
i always think that all plush toys have thoughts. like, if i drop my yellow cat plush toy Kyuu-chan, he says "KYU KYUUUN!!" *translation: THAT HURT DAMNIT!!*
fish eye lens cover 1
random cover~ underwater! just remember not to fall asleep (besides the fish)