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I like video games,manga,drawing, and ice-cream. I used to be a highschool student. Just chilling out now.

I like reading GL.

Update: I'm coming back. I have a Twitter now and I'm working on reposting 'Project Intermingle'. I'm also, preparing new ideas for my own webcomics.
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    TamaraC TC
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Cool! :2
Alice your so bad that late in the night. |2

Cool, you seem to be more comfortable in drawing mature content. I like how your able to mirror the old style with your newer improved one! :2

I like all your styles!!! XD
Go ahead and do what you feel is best! :2
He likes those beautiful golden ears! X2

Cool profile picture change! :D Very kissy!
Relationship I tell ya. :)
Get better soon!
February 14th, 2015
It looks alright, but if you wanna that bad, then I wish you good luck! :D
(Looks like I'm late for the update)
Seems good as is, if you ask me. :D
It's snowing!
(I know that feeling so well)
January 29th, 2015
Haha, yeah... <|D
Checking it out.
You gotta power through it, Alice. Look forward to a better time. <:0

Hope you come in 2nd, if not first! :D

Also, as far as I can tell, all you did was color in their black hair. I kinda been wanting you to do that, so it's cool!

Do your thing!
I wonder what will happen next. <:1
Poor couple.
@Luna Natsume: So awesome! XD
@Luna Natsume: High five!!! XD
The one thing that hurts a brown chick in an interracial relation the most!... *Ouch* <|(

"FUCK YOU PUNCH!!!! tongue...bitch!"

(Cat fighting like a BOSS!) <|D
That Alice salt is REAL!!!! XD
(So bitter)
"Salty FOREVER!!!" XP
Good luck!
I'm sure she'll get her things and be on her way, Alice. The moment she gets close or says anything towards your general direction, get ready to make her wish she had turned the other cheek. I know the perfect comeback. <|)