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Eh, just some guy...
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April 30th, 2019
Um, wow, ok. I haven't checked Smack Jeeves in quite a while! I definitely didn't expect comments here! Sorry for the late reply, guys! So, as this and my meant-to-be reboot of this comic are basically both now dead, I'm not sure if I will create another comic for people just to post random shenanigans on. If I do, everyone will be able to request to join and there would be no great plot, meaning people would be able to devise and execute their own small plots. However, as stated, I don't check smack jeeves that much anymore and I'm not sure if many people from this comic still do, however, I'll leave this comment here for anyone to see and say what they want to happen.
To be honest so did I. ^_^; Also my new summer job has now shortened my free time! (Bad host is bad!)
Sorry guys! I said I would get round to doing something but I haven't. ^_^; I feel bad for not posting anything. ¬_¬ This comic hasn't got far yet, thinking about it. I guess that's my fault for having a complicated plot, sorta.

Anyway, I've been distracted with other things and so I forgot all about comic making! I'm so sorry, I'm a terrible host.
He's leading the mandatory physical exam? Crud....
I don't want this comic to slowly die and I keep forgetting to do something for it! GAH!
Sorry Guys! I haven't posted anything for a while as I have been getting distracted! ^^;
I'll make something soon and post it!
@NekoVira: I don't think Twilight would like being chased around... although that would be funny! And also the new comic is sweet, I'll have to post something soon...
My plan was to get the authors now to introduce their character(s) in the first arc before moving onto the second but I think I might have to change that...
@BoyueF: Why? Because I kicked you from being co-author?
@NekoVira: Would you like to make a map of the ship, so where every room is or something? I mean I would but I'd probably mess it up
@Spar Elric: No, I didn't mean anyone in particular, I just expected someone to get lost
Also, is it wrong that I want to work here?
Remind me not to get on his bad side!
Woo! I actually laughed at this because I was expecting one person to get lost, at least
@TrainPhantom16: Oh and Muddy (Syrogen) won't join because he has other things to do...
So, I'm gonna guess that Neon and Jerry (was it?) are your characters...
I've leaving this comic at this part for a while so someone else can take this opportunity to post their comic and start joining in...
@TrainPhantom16: Thanks for your concern! I'll try and see about Muddy...