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Spar Elric
Mother of one.
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Just a pic I've drawn and re-drawn through the years.
Oh yeah! Decided to draw this one.

Though looking back on it now, I could do better.
@MeekyG: Can't say as I'm surprised.
@AtmaD12: It was fun to work on! :>
Hey! I recognize that bottom pic!!! Nice!! :D
A redraw of this old ID I did in 2013.
It's spelled costume, not custome.

Nice sheet though. :)
Hahahaha!! Nice!! X3
First 8 panel comic I've done in a while and also the first one I KEPT the .PSD for!
(Yes, I use Photoshop.)

Backdrop was also made by me! Had fun with that!

Hope to run into the others soon! :3c
A day late posting this here, but meh.
Still fiddling with the layout.

Last updated on 11/12/2017.
I look forward to seeing where this goes! o3o
@gsman243: But I wanna dab! ;-;