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Spar Elric
Mother of one.
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    Spar Danger
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Spar Elric
November 4th, 2019
The teacher reminds me of Maes Hughes.
Oh gosh! X3
Yet another B&A meme image!
@gsman243: I think that's because I posted her on DeviantART, mostly.
@gsman243: This guy ->
@gsman243: A recolor parody I made of Spar.
@gsman243: Same! Love the classic ones!
@gsman243: I meant the game, but okay.
@gsman243: Oh, like my Spar parody, Buffy?
@gsman243: Thanks! I plan to add more too!
Ultizeta really started something back then, didn't he? XD
@Shard: Glad to see you! :D
This comic is over 10 years old. I doubt the author even comes on SJ anymore.
@gsman243: He's not totally unfix-able. You just gotta work at it. But only if you really want to.
Redone on Oct 12, 2019.
Redone: Oct. 12, 2019
Spar Elric
October 12th, 2019
Oh shit... O.O;