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I like bacon, give the bacon or nobody gets hurt
yeah, I'm Phenomenon Tucker your average bacon loving teenage boy I love comics as much as i love bacon, I'm not a big fan of manga even though it inspires most of my stories and art. Peanuts and garfield were my biggest influence on my style and my favourite comic of all time is Scott Pilgrim.DID I MENTION I HATE MANGA AND ANYTHING ASIAN RELATED
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    Phenomenon Tucker
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pretty funny keno there, can he go faster?
im going to comicpalooza in the summer
hey i'll probably going to comicpalooza in houston this summer, thinking about getting a booth there or sumtin,
if someone could make plushies..
please tell me, i will BUY them
@magg7: well the thing about CNY is it lasts for 15 days... you havent missed nuthin'
they told me to make a blog
and so i did
@magg7: keep MOVING FORWARD, dont look back,love your haters and dont leave anyone hanging
hey chinks
gong xi fa cai?
being single...
you know every girl that i really liked, i gave them a small item i brought back from my "past" life and coinidently they were anime related; my first gift was a handmade deathnote keychain, with rule no.1 inscribed on the back. took me ten hours to make that.
the second gift was a handmade leaf village emblem that i did in metalshop. i made it into a necklace, a really nice christmas gift.
then i realized, hardwork doesnt pay, EVER
neko's right
it aint cheating if ya dont get caught!
i would've done the same
heh yeah comics
yeah I HATE ANIME, THIS WILL be one of the few times i do anime related stuff, on the command of my writer
i'll be doing this mini series
i'll be doing this mini series in my komic called, THE REAL REASON. it'll be poking fun at popular video games and other stuff, if youu got an idea just put it
in in the comments
hey sorry for the late updates guys, im busy with learning new art styles and junk, my writers are on strike.... and im in DESPERATE need of story ASAP
Dance to the heavens

here's the flash animation i did, it was my first try at it
yeah i made this in class, pretty darn good for my first time i say.
i made a full animation of the pony dancing but i dont know how to post it online
well hope you get better soon!
club flyers
its fun to see my flyers fling around school, thhis was a totally good idea
yeah... but
@Suzahara: yeah but the endings are totally different, i liked the movie but cuz vol6 came out after the movie the endings were different
Scott Pilgrim
inspired by scott pilgrim vol.1 the best comic out there!