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I make my own comics,play a lot of games,etc
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    Jiayi Leow
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Are you sad that X is not in Marvel vs Capcom 3?
@Mega Man/X
Do you still work for Capcom these days???I ask this because they are trying to KILL YOU BOTH!!!><
Change your avatar into Daniel The Wolf!(Just like what you did at deviantART!)
(Error)Panel 2 @X
"Alright then,Let's go get some rest |,| Zero.Renafel,you stay in the command center and let us know | IS | anything happens."

It should be:

"Alright then,Let's go get some rest, Zero.Renafel,you stay in the command center and let us know IF anything happens."

Could you please fix it?=)
If you had to kill Zero in order to preserve true peace,would you do it and why?
@jakeroo123: You're my fav and only fan so far! \0/'
I found this comic(and website) when I searched Google for Sonic vs Kirby...But I still don't know why I would find this even though the Kirby word isn't in the comic title...@.@?
THX for your comment!:)
The Funny Guy
The Blue Bomber
Um...The 'thing' fallen from the sky
The Fastest Thing Alive!
I have my first fan!
Get ready!
Just wait after I introduce the characters.The comic will start after that!