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Re-did picture its a little better
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Hah I was right, anyway float to the room on the right, in this scenario usually there is something important in a side room that will help u with something that turns out to be in the room in the middle. If its not easy to notice I play too many fantasy rpgs.
.........By floating power you meant we had the power to float in water....not in air didnt you?
To the people who said that the powers would appear in the next room, the reason that happened before was probably due to the fact that they were tangable items, this is not we probably will get our powers automatically, float through the door on the left, we didnt come in this room and kill 3 monsters just to come back the way we came.
Wish for your legs to be restored, crawling is such an inconvenience
Everyone is agreeing with jaws so the probability of his command getting chosen is high. I will seventh jaws then
The wish panel isnt as important as surviving attack the last enemy with your sword
Inspect the item on the floor
Goodbye our other foot, anyway I have a gut feeling that teleporting with the enemy attached to you will simply take him with you so letting him rip off the other foot first and then using the teleporter seems like a safer bet. Sacrafices must be made.
Use the teleporter and teleport to a hospital to get a prostetic leg or something, crawling is such a pain =/
Stab it in the eye with the marker, nothing else is going to work at this point and its too soon to die again.
Stab the monster in the eye with the marker, not much else to do at this point the narrator made it quite clear that anything else will not work at the current moment.
Wish for a friendly pet that eats enemies