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September 25th, 2012
Next words from Atticus' mouth will be "SHE?!" XD! I doubt DT will get mean because Atticus is a dick and wouldn't stand for it (meanwhile Ash was a pushover >_>)
September 21st, 2012
Heheh, I was wondering when he'd realize this XD I was slightly hoping DT would evolve and he'd be like WTF just happened o_O but I guess if he knows... But either way this'll be great XD too bad no more cute charmander (soon anyways)
Oh no! Brent whited-out! He'll wake up at the poke-hospital and not have his jumper! Poor thing.
"See, that previous scene where the caterpie set fire to the grass next to is wasn't just me being cruel and destructive for no reason, it was actually so I could build up to even GREATER cruelty and destruction 8D Oh happy days."

Haha I love you XDD As long as that stays in my mind (uber early currently with lil amount of sleep) my day will be made! XD
Wow, I didn't even notice Thad had one arm O_O I just thought it was a fashion statement... (the leather thing and longer sleeve) Am I really that dense? Guess I must be since I don't notice a lot of things LOL
Yay for so many updates! *throws a party*
NO!!! NOT DT TOO!! I bet he'll burn 'em now >=D
Charmander used glare~ Adorable!! I thought I'd never see a charmander giving something the death glare XDD Go DT and kick their asses!

Edit: Teehee *points to my displaypicture* ^-^

Nah, I doubt they can do much than string shot him, he'll probably be fine.. unless something else comes along..
OMG I love this! *said "Pwii" when clicking onto the previous page for a refresher before the update lol* Caterpie swarm of adorableness!! I bet hes going to end up wading through an ocean of Caterpie! XD
Lol.. (too tired to comment correctly btw) I liked this page so had to comment.. I'm sure it's not TOO dangerous in the forest since those two idiots were wandering in them earlier (well maybe the girl's not that stupid XD)
I wouldn't be surprised if the Pikachu owns the bugcatcher.. or they battle after DT is better and he gets owned.. but I also wouldn't be surprised if Atticus gets completely pwned either >.> could go either way XD
That link... I very distinctively nearly nosebleeding at that scene >.> then being very disappointed.. Lol
I hope you explain to us what we have missed soon, this is making me more confused by the page x.X
I ACTUALLY had to check if I missed something. Did we miss something? Is there something that happened that your not telling us? o.o I feel that it is his charmander but uh... how?
I like how he doesn't sound like he has any intentions of doing anything 'strange' but they all get worried lol. I wonder if Snow will think so aswell >.>
Yay snow white, maybe you should read the manga Ludwig no Kakumei when your done creating this webcomic (I wouldn't want it to influence you but your comics kind of remind me of that manga XD)
Also, that usually only Happens with Abras XD
Teehee. I'll never get enough of this page! My reaction was the same as the pink haired kid lol. I totally thought she'd turn around and get in a pointless fight with Atty saying how she 'saw' it first and he'd be like go ahead I don't care and then she would say stuff like "oh don't try to argue otherwise" or something like that XD. Did not expect him to even care enough to do anything about that Pikachu (I'm so happy he has such a cutey on his team XD)
OMG! I love how you made it look like it was the other guy who did it and not Atticus (Sorry, just woke up so can't remember his name lol!) That was epic!