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Psycho gamer kid.
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I don't think that rhymes :P
I hope she has mail for the Yeti.
About the 'again', I kinda thought that was about the "YEEEEEE" sounds in the background freaking her out.
They shouldn't be, clearly he's just singing along.
The crowd surfing she can be a little scared of.
Still not as cute as Salami.
Gonna half-agree with people here.
I wouldn't like to see this all the time.
But I do like the style changes.
... Actually, it might be because I like the style changes I wouldn't want WM like this all the time.

Didn't really think much of it until now, but FLCL is coming to mind.
And FLCL was effin' amazing.
Slavery, huh?
I guess you could say this place is a little...

But seriously. Look at the name of the place. Something HAS to be up.
Uhm, yeah...
Melody, Moth, Tea, the turkey, and pirate-lady.
That's 5, Coo can't talk. (says author notes)
QED: Sunflower is talking. That's where that other tail's going.
@Lyathali: Top right corner. "Add to Favorites"
Has a star next to it.
I know, I was usually one of the few people there. Heh.
Not too sure what a good time would be. I think it was 7AM before, that was better for me, but apparently worse for everyone else. So... Yeah...
@John: Maybe, but to be fair, I think that she actually has the big eyes.
You just don't notice because they keep getting drawn in "chibi emotion face".

Also, did the LiveStreaming stop happening?
It would seem Lime's happy. (Pretty sure that's Lime)
Hello again, old tea guy. I somehow remember you better.
And... I REALLY want to hug that creeper...
So yeah, unfortunatly I'm from Canada and this is kinda irrelevant to me now.
So yeah...
Good luck, food!
Sausages are not food.
They're trustworthy companions.
There's 2 Valley of Tea 8's!
Edit: *FacePalm* Because you skipped #1...
How did I miss that?
Second. Again.
Melody accidentally flattering Moth.
@Dragonfire: ... Wasn't there a Pikachu?
You didn't LiveStream did you...
Not sure I needed to see you draw all those buildings anyway...
But still...
Will you be doing more LiveStreams for the next week maybe?