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...I honestly have no clue how long it's been since I last been I've recently became a Whovian, my favorite Doctor is 10th, David Tennant, I'm a huge video game geek, my favorite video game series is Kingdom Hearts...not much else to say about me

Dang it!!! Currently the only computer I have is on the edge of crashing!!!...this sucks
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@Spar Elric: Thanks, and sorry for the rotation, can't really tell what angle it will be at, in my files it was upright

@aqua the hedgie: thanks, that a character I use on a roleplay thread, Storm B Caster
again, sorry for the bad quality, took the picture with the camera on my tablet
Not dead yet
sorry for bad quality, too the picture with the camera on my tablet
I'm not dead yet
so yeah, I decided to check back on this site, and remembered I have a few sketches lying about, so I decided I would post one, sorry for bad quality, it was taken with the camera on my tablet, since I don't have a printer to scan the image
...not sure when this happened but there's a bird in the fire...
@broblade12: I'm pretty sure there's a rule that says no 18+ stuff, also it wasn't actual p*rn but it showed them kissing and undressing, but not enough to call it p*rn, but enough to be over the pg13 limit...that happened a lot in the google search...*shudder*
...this...this... THIS LOOKS FREAKING EPIC!!!
@broblade12: ...I don't understand what you're saying...
@The_Project: okay, thanks
@aqua the hedgie: you're welcome
@Kurona: I agree with aqua, how could you not, this is one of the many, MANY, pics I found on google, and lets just say not all of them were pg13...*shudder*
@aqua the hedgie: sorry I couldn't find the artist, I found this on google and then when I clicked visit page it took me here: and I'm not sure if the person that put it there is the artist, or if they put it there from a different site
@The_Project: MHOTY? what's that?
I really like this couple, don't you?
...Knuckles! didn't you learn steroids are bad for you?!

Knuckles:...shut it! *runs through wall, breaking it*
yeah these characters...Shade is one of my characters the other, Aria, belongs to one of my friends that I met on another site...I don't really have much to say...
Speed: The pools not on fire oh i need to fix this *pulls out flamethrower* BURN BURN BURN MUWHAHAHAHAHA
@buttfink buttfinkelstein: .....saz? What the heck is saz?
Still surprised that no one made a sparta comment yet
@DalocTh: thats why he is sealed within speed's heart using the black crystal bands around his wrists
@DalocTh: hyru hates cuteness most of all