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This Comic is fun, please do more! ^_^
Happy Birthday!
@JaeBabii1121: You too?! Hahaha! It happens to be my Birthday as well! Awesome!
I agree with everyone here about the whole situation but... heh heh.... do you guys hear yourselves? You're each kind of scary with the whole "fight fire with fire" thing. I guess a good hard slap to the old mans face wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea.
@Sammy7XD: Your cock block senses are tingling too?
So he's the bad guy?
I don't get most of these comments about Kauro being manipulative; how could anyone not call what Shizu did manipulative? Plus how could Kauro be sincere when he does not have the memory of proposing and marrying Naoto? Shizu, technically, forced a bond onto Naoto and then was cold to him. At lease Kauro is asking for his hand and not just taking it.
@Draven22: Best comment ever! It speaks to me on so many levels.... yes..... just yes!
Could there possibly be a "next" page? Will I ever know what exactly he saw? (Tune in next time....) ?????
@Beauty_of_Syn: Your picture and your comment... beautiful.
@Toli B: I agree, dudes, lol.
In the first panel and last panel, Squidward's bangs are just like Shuno's... thats unique...???
I second that!
I second otaku_lady's question!!
I can't write songs soo...
I was listening to Snow Patrol and the song "Run" came on... I think that would be a song Mika would write/did write. And I now can't help but imagine Mika with that voice!! ~_~ sooo much love for him now!!
Comment Virginity is mine! lol i love this page!